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We are SSG cable group, a foremost wire and cable manufacturer located in China. Established in 1967, SSG cable has been focusing on R&D, manufacturing, and service of wire and cable products over half a century.

SSG cable group is ISO9001, ISO 14001, GB/T 28001 certified enterprise. We employ a full set of strict quality control system on our production.
As the biggest wire and cable supplier in China, SSG is driven to rank into the safest and most reliable wire and cable manufacturer in the world.

SSG products cover a variety of wire and cable from the household 220V electric wire to 500KV power cables. Our wire and cable range cover low voltage cablemedium voltage cablehigh voltage cableultra-high voltage cable and other special cables. SSG cable group offers XLPE cable, building wire cable, marine cable, offshore cable, mining cable, submarine cablearmoured cable and other industrial cables as buyers required.


Wire and Cable Manufacturer

What makes you different?

Discover a Full Selection of High-Performance Wire and Cable from SSG Cable Group

50+years Research & Service Wire and Cable Manufacturer

  • XLPE cable capability from 220V to 500KV
  • ISO9001, ISO 14001, GB/T 28001 certified enterprise
  • More than 80 countries and districts markets approved
  • CE, UL, CCC and other certificates upon request
  • Over 620,000.00m² factory and 30,000.oo+ professional workers
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Customized Cabling Solutions for Your Project

SSG aims to strengthen the position of safest and most reliable wire and cable manufacturer in the world, so we imported the most advanced XLPE cable production lines from abroad:

That equipment includes 110KV CDCC from NOKIA, 35KV CCV line from TROESTER, 110KV CCV line from MAILLEFER, 35KV CCV line from NEXTROM, Three-layer thickness and eccentricity tester from ZUMBACH, high voltage partial discharge equipment from USA Etc.

Plus, our strict-trained worker and professional technical team, SSG ensure every lot of the wire and cable are of safest and most reliable quality as we always promised.

SSG wire and cables are widely used in renewable energy, power transmission and distribution networks, shipbuilding & offshore & port infrastructures, rail transit, airports, and other fields.

Our wire and cable safety have been approved by many China state-class projects. These supper projects include Tiananmen Rostrum Renovation Project, Beijing Olympic Project, Shanghai World-Expo Project, Nanjing Youth-Expo, Nuclear Power Plant Project, etc.

Meanwhile, the wire and cable safety has been long recognized by different customers which come from over 80 countries and districts all across the worldwide market.

SSG cable group has been growing rapidly over the past over half-century. We have set up 5 wire and cable manufacture centers: building wire and cable division, marine cable division, mining cable division, submarine cable division and special cable division. We are still moving toward the goal of to be the safest and most reliable wire and cable manufacturer in the global market.

You are highly welcomed to visit our factory and discuss any cabling solution for your project.

We are ready to work with you all across the world.


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Project Support
Building Wire
Full ranges of building wires including BV cable, BVR cable, BVVB cable, Fire-resistant cable, earth cables, etc.
R&D Support
Marine System
Full selections of submarine cable, submarine fiber optic cable, marine cable, offshore cable with full certificates.
Strict QA System
Overhead Conductor
Overhead conductors are available in a variety of aluminum and steel stranding combinations for overhead power lines.
Series Production
Wind Cable
Your source of wind cable and offshore wind cable for the wind market.
On-Time Delivery
Railway Cable
Find an extensive line of railway cable for your railway industry project.
Team Work
Mining Cable
A full range of mining cable includes GGC mining cable, G mining cable, flat mining cable, type W mining cable, SHD G mining cable, etc.



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