3 core XLPE Cable

A global 3 Core XLPE cable supplier, offers a full variety of XLPE cable from our stock and tailored electric cables as well.

Choosing SSG 3 core XLPE cable for your industrial installations with a cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • Low Power Losses
  • High Reliability
  • Easy Installation
  • Compact Size & Light Weight

XLPE Insulated Cable

Find us for the full range of XLPE cable. The XLPC insulated cable possesses high electrical properties and low dielectric constant.

4 core XLPE Cable

Full range of CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. Discover high quality 4 core XLPE cable with rated voltage of 1kV

XLPE Power Cable-8

Full range of CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. XLPE power cable can be used as low voltage cable, medium voltage cable, high voltage cable

3 core XLPE Cable

CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. We can customize the size of 3 core XLPE cable as per your project requirements.

11KV XLPE Cable

CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. By using our 11kV XLPE cables, u can keep your electric system running safely and profitable investment returns.

Single core XLPE Cable

Discover an extensive range of XLPE cable with CE, UL, CCC qualifications. Single-core XLPE cable can be used at rated voltage 600/1000V and 1900/3300V


Do you know the real potential of your current medium voltage project? Using MV XLPE cable, you make your installations different from your competitors. armored XLPE cable or unarmoured XLPE cable depends on your project.

Armoured XLPE Cable

How can you easily respond to market changes? With us, u can choose different low voltage cable whatever it is armoured XLPE cable or unarmoured XLPE cable depends on your project.

33kV XLPE Cable slider 2

33kV XLPE Cable
Don’t let 33KV XLPE cable hold back your business. You can rely on us offer high-quality XLPE cable whatever it is used as HV cable, MV cable or LV cable.

Your Competent 3 core XLPE Cable Manufacturer

We, at SSG cable, have been focusing on wires and cable technology in China over 50years. We are one of the most esteemed international XLPE cable manufacturers across the world as well.

SSG cable possesses the most advanced XLPE cable production line, sophisticated R&D testing facilities, frontier XLPE cable technical knowledge, and experience.XLPE Power Cable Description

You can find us for a variety of XLPE cable at excellent quality and incredibly technological innovation.

3 core XLPE cable is one of the primary electric cables from us.

3 core XLPE cables are normally structured as:

The conductor is Plain circular, compacted stranded copper or aluminum conductor, conform to IEC 60228 class 2.

3 core XLPE cable insulation is from XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) rated at 90 oC.

The outer sheath is PVC sheathed.
Semi-conductive insulation screen

Three Core, Individually Screened

Semi-conductive conductor screen

Bond Fillers: Polypropylene lament with lapped binding tape

3 Colors for core identification: red, yellow, and blue

Rated Voltage: Low, Medium and High Voltage Cable

Executive Standard: It is manufacture under GB/T12706-2002 standard (The same as IEC60502).

Armor: Galvanized steel wire shall be applied over the PVC bedding.

The 3 core XLPE cable is produced from our most advance XLPE cable production line. Three insulated conductors are laid up together, if necessary, filled with non-hygroscopic material compatible with the insulation and covered with a layer of PVC bedding which may be an integral part of the filling.

The 3 core XLPE cables are most suitable for duct installation, underground burial, power station and other industrial installations where there is a risk of mechanical damage. It is recommended to install the 3 core XLPE cable under instruction indicated by the local electric authority or any equivalent.

Last but not least, the 3 core XLPE Cables are complying with BS5467 and customer’s specifications are available upon request.

As a 50+year experienced wire and cable manufacturer, SSG employs a strict QC system to make sure all the 3 core XLPE cables are of high quality. Our huge productivity ensues a stable delivery. Our 24/7 support team will be always on standby at your requirement.


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