33kV XLPE Cable

33kV XLPE Cable supplier offers a full variety of XLPE cable from our stock and tailored electric cables as well.50+ years’ experience in XLPE cable manufacture and service for your industrial installations. 

  • Comply to IEC 60502.2 – 2008, IEC60840-2011 either on Raw materials or on finished products
  • Rated Voltage: 6kV/33kv
  • Number of Cores: multi-core
  • Conductor: Cu/ Al conforming to IEC 60228
  • The permitted long-term operating temperature of conductor: 90℃
  • Outer Sheath: PVC / PE

XLPE Insulated Cable

Find us for the full range of XLPE cable. The XLPC insulated cable possesses high electrical properties and low dielectric constant.

XLPE Power Cable

Full range of CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. XLPE power cable can be used as low voltage cable, medium voltage cable, high voltage cable

Single core XLPE Cable

Discover an extensive range of XLPE cable with CE, UL, CCC qualifications. Single-core XLPE cable can be used at rated voltage 600/1000V and 1900/3300V

3 core XLPE Cable

CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. We can customize the size of 3 core XLPE cable as per your project requirements.

4 core XLPE Cable-7

Full range of CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. Discover high quality 4 core XLPE cable with rated voltage of 1kV

11KV XLPE Cable 180

CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. By using our 11kV XLPE cables, u can keep your electric system running safely and profitable investment returns.


Do you know the real potential of your current medium voltage project? Using MV XLPE cable, you make your installations different from your competitors. armored XLPE cable or unarmoured XLPE cable depends on your project.

Armoured XLPE Cable 06

How can you easily respond to market changes? With us, u can choose different low voltage cable whatever it is armoured XLPE cable or unarmoured XLPE cable depends on your project.

SSG cable group, a leading wire and cable manufacturer located in China, has been striving in the market of wire and cable over a half-century in the global market.11kv-xlpe-cable Description

SSG offers a wide selection of 33KV XLPE cable and different options of XLPE cable upon customer request.

In today’s power transmission and distribution networks, 33KV XLPE cable demanding was soared in the past decades.

SSG cable was proud to be one of the most competent wire and cable manufacturer, who supplies high quality 33KV XLPE cable both in China and worldwide market.

SSG 33kv XLPE cable is available as a single-core XLPE cable or 3 core XLPE cable. SSG 33kv XLPE cables are XLPE insulated with PVC sheath. It maintains excellent electrical properties. The normal conductor operating temperature of the XLPC insulation cable is 90℃.

33kv XLPE cables are structured with circular Single, three conductors wrapped with conductor screened. SSG 33kv XLPE cable performs excellent at the raged voltage of 0.6kv/33 kV, which is complying to international Electrotechnical commission Publication IEC 60502.2

SSG 33kv XLPE cable is suitable for applications of indoors, outdoors, in cable ducts, in water and for direct burial underground, where severe mechanical stresses are present.

Owing to the XLPE insulation and armoure on the cable, the 33kv XLPE cables have superior dielectric strength, excellent resistance to deformations under high temperature and pressure. Meanwhile, the aromoured XLPE cable shows high resistance to aging, abrasion, moisture, chemicals, acids, and oils in different applications.

SSG cable group is ISO9001, ISO 14001, GB/T 28001 certified enterprise and we are driven to make the safest and most reliable 11kv XLPE cable to our buyers all over the world.

In order to keep our position of safest and most reliable wire and cable manufacturer, SSG has imported the most advanced XLPE cable production lines, most sophisticated on-line inspection/testing instruments, frontier XLPE cable technical knowledge, and 24/7 professional support team.

Plus, our huge productivity, we make sure our 33kv XLPE cable complies with the first level quality standard as the market required.

As the biggest wire and cable manufacturer across the global market, our 33kv XLPE cable has been approved by many supper projects in China. In the overseas market, our 33KV XLPE cable is well received by over 80 countries and district market buyers in past decades.

Last but not the least, all of our 33kv XLPE cables are produced according to the enterprise standard Q/320481SS032-2015, the main properties in the index of which are higher than the requirements of IEC60502.2-2008, IEC60840-2011, GB/T12706-2008, etc.

SSG sincerely welcomes you to visit our factory to have a detailed discussion about your cabling solution.

We would like to be one of your long-term wire and cable partners. Contact us, cut your cost, boom your project.

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SSGcable Global R & D Center

SSG wire and cable technology group includes 10 R&D team and 60+ doctors. We work closely with over 20 universities and professional laboratories, own over 100 wire and cable patents in China and over 30 patents globally, Which involves the domain of Special technology of crosslinked cable, nuclear cable, wind cable, marine cable, mining cable and UHV cable, etc.