Aerial Bundled Cable

Aerial Bundled Cable

Insulated HV Cable 1

Using reliable insulated HV cable is vital for your installations. You will have complete control over your HV cable project while ensuring your investment return profitable.

Insulated Conductor 2

Choosing a properly insulated conductor helps you to avoid unpredictable risks on high voltage projects. Thus, it will lead to a safe system and profitable investment return.

Overhead Cables 15

Would you like to complete a quality high voltage cable project while keeping its cost moderate? By using the SSG overhead conductor, you have cost-saving while ensuring installations safe and reliability.

High voltage underground cable

Do you need qualified high voltage cables for your investment? Our high voltage underground cable helps you target your goal.

high voltage shielded cable 008

You might profit benefit from the high voltage cable project. Using high voltage shielded cable is one of the best methods to keep your system safe.

high voltage coaxial cable 007

High voltage coaxial cable gives you precise access to the high voltage cable industry. A smooth way to keep your HV cable project running.

UHV Cable 8

UHV cable enables you to develop a high reliable power distribution network. Our high voltage cable helps u target your investment goal more practicable.

Overhead power cable

Overhead power cable suitable for electric power transmission and distributions across long distances. SSG HV cable offers you safety and reliability for your project.

Aerial Bundled Cable

Aerial bundled cable, Aerial bundled conductor or ABC are using in overhead power cable systems. Choosing safe and reliable HV cable leads to profitable projects.

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SSGcable Global R & D Center

SSG wire and cable technology group includes 10 R&D team and 60+ doctors. We work closely with over 20 universities and professional laboratories, own over 100 wire and cable patents in China and over 30 patents globally, Which involves the domain of Special technology of crosslinked cable, nuclear cable, wind cable, marine cable, mining cable, and UHV cable, etc.