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A reliable Armoured cable supplier, offers a wide selection of armoured cable from stock. 

50+ years experienced armoured cable manufacturer as your 1st priority to meet any armoured cable installation challenges.

  • Good Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal Characteristics
  • AWA cable, SWA cable for armoured underground cable system
  • widely used in underground or external projects as well as indoor applications
  • Armoured cable – Superior Fire and Water Resistance
  • Armoured cables – Low smoke, Halogen-free, Flame Retardant

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Reliable armoured Cable Suppliers-SSG’s armoured XLPE cable cable is widely used as lower voltage armoured cable or low voltage power cable for underground systems, cable networks, power networks, outdoor and indoor applications.

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SSG,a reliable armoured cable manufacturer offers full ranges of aluminium (AWA) & steel Wire (SWA) armoured cables. AWA cable is features of non-magnetic which offer extra safety and avoiding overheating in the armoured cable.

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Full selections of aluminium (AWA) & steel Wire (SWA) armoured cables:SWA cable designs as armoured electrical cables, offers security for the underground armoured cable system. Choose SSG as your reliable armoured cable supplier.

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The competent armoured cable manufacturer, SSG cable enjoys providing the best armoured cable to all the customers who are in demand for performance armoured XLPE cables. Full qualifications are available upon required.

SSG Cable: Your Reliable Armoured  Cable Manufacturer


With more than 50 years of expertise in wire and cable technology, SSG cable has ranked among the most competitive cable supplier both in China and worldwide market. SSG serves our customers throughout the market networks, including substation, construction, power plant, energy, and communications. Our customers know us as a reputable brand for our good quality and outstanding performance.LV Cable Production Base

SSG offers superior armoured cable at a competitive price and superb service.

Armoured cable is simply referred to as electric cable with metal armor protection in the outer layer, so then it has a mechanical protection against damage. The armoured cable can be used in a different harsh environment. The armoured cable is reliable and safe in the outdoor installation. The metal protective cover saves the inside electrical cable from the damage of abrasion, tearing, pinching or corrosion.

SSG offers SWA i.e SWA cable, and AWA ie. AWA cable  in different specific armoured XLPE cables.

Armoured cable normally refers to the cable used in armoured operations, especially work as underground armoured cable.

Armoured  cable is a typical low voltage cable. It is armored and commonly recognized as flame retardant cable.

In the armoured operations, a durable cable for power equipment is required. Meanwhile, the durable cable must withstand the demanding conditions in the armoured installations. Armoured cable is the engineered result.

Armoured cable is designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh armoured environment. The armoured cable must make sure to be a safe, durable, reliable and good performance in the armoured installations.

in accordance with British, European and International standards and specifications.

In today’s armoured industry, all modern mineral exploration has been driven largely by technology.

SSG fully understand your primary concerns is on maximizing your ongoing capacity, reducing downtime losses, labor safety, whilst upgrade your equipment. Ensuring safe use of equipment and traverse safety becomes very critical for armoured operations.

With over 50years of experience and expertise on wire and cable technology, SSG is driven to offer superior armoured cable.

SSG never has compromised on quality control. SSG chooses the best material and electric component to produce our armoured cables.

You can rely on us to get superior quality, cost-effective and high reliable armoured cable, thus, resulting in lower cost.

You can find a broad line of industrial-grade armoured cable and rubber portable cord products for portable power in a variety of general armoured installation.

There are many armoured cable suppliers active in the market.

SSGcable is honored to be one of the superior armoured cable suppliers to contribute and serve the armoured cable market.

When it comes to choosing armoured cable, only the best will do. SSGcable is always your first choice for armoured cables.

Superior quality, competing for pricing, prompt delivery, and 24/7 expert cabling support.

Contact us now and we are ready to serve as your armoured cable manufacturer.

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Special cable plant area #4 completed in 2018

Special cable No.4 workshop, it covers 1400,000.00 sqm, adopting most advanced wire and cable equipment from Germany and Finland, annually sales avenue over 1.6billion US$.  Supplying the best special cable includes marine cable, mining cable, nuclear cable, wind cable, offshore cable, rubber cable, etc.