AWA Cable

SSG offers AWA Cable from our stock or tailored armoured XLPE Cable available.

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  • Full range of Aluminium (AWA) & Steel Wire (SWA) Armoured Cables
  • ISO 9001 certified,  low voltage power cable manufacturer
  • Rated voltage: 1.1 Kv up to 33Kv.
  • Test:  Passed MSHA flame test
  • complying with BS5467, BS6622, BS6724, BS7835, BS EN 50267, IEC 60502 and BS EN 60332-1-2.

AWA Cable

SWA Cable 0

Steel wire armoured cable, all weather-resistant SWA cable is one of the numbers superior underground armoured electric cable. Shows excellent as low voltage power cable and medium voltage cable.

AWA Cable 0

Aluminium wire armour, AWA cable is single core armoured cable, which is non-magnetic and shows high performance as low voltage power cable and medium voltage power cable in the main supply.

Armoured XLPE Cable 0

SSG offers full selections of armoured XLPE cables: single core armoured cable, 2 core armoured cable, 3 core armoured cable, 4 core armoured cable, 5 core armoured cable etc. Contat us for fatory price.

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Reliable armoured cable manufacturer guaranteed you safe installations in the underground armoured cable power networks. Get superior low voltage power cable from SSG with factory prieces.

We are SSG cable group, the biggest wire and cable manufacturer from China. SSG cable has been pursuing on R&D, manufacturing, and service of wire and cable products since 50+ years ago.LV Cable Production Base

SSG offers a comprehensive range of wire and cables to the power transmission and distribution networks all across the global cable market.

AWA cable is one type of hard-wearing cable, designed for use in mains supply electricity.

Aluminum Wire Armour, commonly abbreviated as SWA, is often used in internal, external and underground projects.

AWA cable is used in single-core cable. When the electric current goes through the cord, a magnetic field is produced in the steel armour. This can possibly cause overheating in the AC system, which means a disaster in the worst case. Since aluminum is non-magnetic, the AWA cable non-magnetic aluminum armour can avoid this kind of electric fault.

Meanwhile, the armoure offers extra protection for the AWA cable, which allows the AWA cable to withstand higher pulling loads.

AWA cable covers the voltage of 1.1KV XLPE cable, 11kV XLPE cable, and 33kv XLPE cable. Usually, AWA cable is found in underground systems and frameworks, power networks and cable ducting, outdoor and indoor installations, power control systems.

AWA cable is often used for external use such as direct burial, outdoors or underground, which is likely to cause damage to the low voltage power cables. The construction of AWA cable provides additional mechanical protection to the SWA cable itself. The armour can reduce the risk of the cable getting torn or pinched. Meanwhile, the aluminum is used to protect the AWA cable from overheating in the AC system.

As a large-scale wire and cable manufacturer, SSG is able to produce a comprehensive range of low voltage cables, high voltage cable and UHV Cable cover both surface and underground installations.

Whether it is high voltage infrastructure installation or extra-high voltage infrastructure installations, SSG always can provide cables in accordance with a number of international quality standards including BS5467, BS6622, BS6724, BS7835, BS EN 50267, IEC 60502 and BS EN 60332-1-2 (for single-core cables).

If we don’t think about it from a safety point of view, how to choose the AWA cable for mains electricity installations will be dangerous.

SSG is ISO9001, ISO 14001, GB/T 28001 certified wire and cable manufacturer, we strictly focus on AWA cable product quality system. SSG is proud to be one of the most competent armoured cable suppliers in the armoured cable market.

SSG introduced the most advanced XLPE cable production lines and on-line inspection system from different countries, plus our professional support team, SSG is fully ready to provide the safest and most reliable wire and cable to all our customer across the world market.

Whenever you are in need of armoured cables such as SWA CABLE, AWA cable, and any other XLPE cable, you are highly recommended to contact us for a cabling solution discussion.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory. SSG is looking forward to being one of your long-term armoured cable manufacturers.