Building Wire

Your superior wire and cable manufacturer offers a full range of building wire from our stock. Choose SSG as your premier building wire manufacturer when you are in demand of building wire and cable products.

  • Building Wires with Excellent Conductivity
  • Building Wires with Superior Quality, High Reliability
  • Building wires Comply with Harsh Environment

BVR Cable

Adopting reliable BVR cable to lower the whole building wire budget. It allows your full control installation processes too.

BVVB Cable

Our low cost BVVB cable helps reduce whole building wire budget. Prompt delivery gives you precise control over project processes.

BV Cable

Our BV cable ensure your project installation safety. Moderate price help you control overall building wire cost, quick delivery shortens your lead times.

Earth Cable

You can rely on our proved building wire technology, which guarantees your earth cable installation safe and reliable.

Fire Resistant Cable

With our fire-resistant cable, you can have the most competitive priced building wire budget. We can do customized solutions to match your specific electric need.

SSG Cable: Your Reliable Building Wire Manufacturer

SSG cable, one of the leading building wire manufactures from China.11kv-xlpe-cable Description

SSG cable has been focusing on wire and cable technology over 40yeres. Owing to our rich experience in the domain of building cable, SSG cable can offer superior quality building wire.

Building wire usually refers to one single of the conductor as electric powering to distribute electric power inside households and businesses.

Building wire and cable distribution networks are usually recognized as branch circuit wiring. The building wire is the link connector that c

connects the high and extra-high voltage cable, then deliver the electricity from electricity generation points to residential customers and small businesses.

Whatever your projects are required for lighting, power and control circuits permanent installation in the building, distributing electric power inside residential/ commercial/industrial buildings, you can find our building wires are safe and reliable.

Building wires are increasingly demanded in the construction of wiring commercial, industrial and residential installations worldwide. As a reliable building wire manufacturer, you can reply to SSG to provide you with high-quality building wire. SSG building wire is all produced according to different international recognized qualifications.

As one of the most competent building wire manufacturers, you can find our SSG uses the best material to make the building wire. SSG building wire shows excellent performance in harsh environments, including heat, cold, humidity, oil, corrosion and vibration.

Since there are different building wire requirements from the market, SSG offers building wires in many types. As per your project, you can find BV Cable, BVR Cable, BVVB Cable, Fire Resistant Cable, Earth Cable. Etc. from us.

Whenever you are in need of building wire cable products, SSG’s cable got your back.

You will get competing for pricing, prompt delivery, and 24/7 expert cabling support.

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SSG owns a manufacturing area over 40,000.00 SQM. Over 20 XLPE cable production lines imported from Germany, Finland, France, etc.