BV Cable

A global BV cable supplier offers a full variety of building cable from our stock and tailored XLPE cables as well.

Choosing SSG BV cable for your building construction installations with cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • Low Power Losses
  • High Reliability
  • Easy Installation
  • Compact Size & Light Weight

BVR Cable

Adopting reliable BVR cable to lower the whole building wire budget. It allows your full control installation processes too.

BVVB Cable

Our low cost BVVB cable helps reduce whole building wire budget. Prompt delivery gives you precise control over project processes.

Earth Cable

You can rely on our proved building wire technology, which guarantees your earth cable installation safe and reliable.

Fire Resistant Cable

With our fire-resistant cable, you can have the most competitive priced building wire budget. We can do customized solutions to match your specific electric need.

Your Competent BV Cable Manufacturer

SSG, is a leading wire and cable manufacturer and supplier, an ISO9901 certified business enterprise from China.LV Cable Production Base

Started in 1967, SSG has built its own reputation as a customer-oriented leader in the cable and wire industry.

BV cable is one type of building wire and cable. BV cable is a kind hard wire for fixed installation. BV Cable is Copper conductor PVC insulated wire

BV cable is highly demanded in the construction of almost every commercial, industrial and residential property worldwide. It is used to carry electricity from an external power network to building or dwelling.

The quality of the BV cable directly affects the safety of the whole building. Any failure in choosing of the BV cable would lead to disaster.

BV cable is a single core PVC insulated wire. it is a type common and immensely demanded single-core hard conductor without sheathing cable.

The inner conductor is made of superior quality oxygen-free copper and environmentally friendly PVC.

Our BV cable is produced comply with standard GB / T5023.3-2008 / IEC60227-3: 1997.
BV cable is suitable for AC rated voltage 450 / 750V and below.

BV cabled is suitable for laying in fixed electric conditions like lighting, daily household appliance, telecommunications equipment, power devices, etc.

Executive Standard: IEC 60227/228, VDE

Standard Packing Length: 100m, 200m, 250m, 500m

Colour: red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, two-color, etc

If you are in the process of any construction project and need of BV cable and other building wire. SSG cable would be your good choice.

SSG cable is one of the biggest BV cable manufacturers in China. So, it would be wise to find us for high-quality BV cable.

SSG has stable productivity of BV cable, you will never have a worry on delivery issues.

SSG has over 50 years of rich experience in wire and cable technology, which means If you meet any cabling problem, SSG would always be your first support.

SSG is ISO9001 qualified enterprise. All of our products are approved by CE, UL, CCC, etc. international recognized institutions.

When it comes to BV cable product, only SSG will do the best.

SSG cable possesses the most advanced electric cable production line, sophisticated R&D testing facilities, frontier cable technical knowledge and experience.

You are most welcomed to visit our factory to have a close look at our BV cable product.

Contact us now, cut your cost, boom your project.

Let’s work together to forge a safer and brighter world.

Tour SSGcable Manufacturing Capability

Special cable plant area #4 completed in 2018

Special cable No.4 workshop, it covers 1400,000.00 sqm, adopting most advanced wire and cable equipment from Germany and Finland, annually sales avenue over 1.6billion US$. SSG is the largest XLPE cable manufacturer in China. Supplying the best special cable includes marine cable, mining cable, nuclear cable, wind cable, offshore cable, rubber cable, etc.