BVVB Cable

A global building wire manufacturer, offering BVVB Cable from our stock and tailored BVVB Cable as well.

Choosing SSG BVVB Cable for your construction installations with a cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant
  • Rated Voltage: 300 / 500 V
  • Comply to 60227 IEC 53 (International), BVVB 300/500v(china)
  • Certificates: CE, ROHS, CCC, KEMA and more upon request
  • Low MOQ and Competitive Price

BV Cable

Our BV cable ensure your project installation safety. Moderate price help you control overall building wire cost, quick delivery shortens your lead times.

Earth Cable

You can rely on our proved building wire technology, which guarantees your earth cable installation safe and reliable.

BVR Cable

Adopting reliable BVR cable to lower the whole building wire budget. It allows your full control installation processes too.

Fire Resistant Cable

With our fire-resistant cable, you can have the most competitive priced building wire budget. We can do customized solutions to match your specific electric need.

BVVB Cable is one type of building wire and cable. When we talk about BVVB cable or any other type of building wire, if we don’t think about it from a safety point of view, how to choose the building wire for construction will be meaningless.LV Cable Production Base

Building wire or we say building wire and cable, both are used interchangeably. But building wire is usually one electrical conductor that is made from copper. Building cables are strands of wires/conductors surrounded in ordinary PVC sheathing. Building wire must be correctly sized and safely installed in the commercial, industrial, and residential properties, so as to keep the whole building electricity system run smoothly. But how to choose good quality wire and cable manufacturer is an issue, therefore, SSG cable comes to your first choice.

SSG is a reliable building wire manufacturer from China. SSG has built its esteemed reputation as a highly customer-oriented enterprise across the global market for over 50years. SSG wire and cable quality have been qualified by many international recognized organizations worldwide.


SSG offers building wires both from stock or tailored order with high quality. SSG manufactures high-level BVVB Cable for different customers all over the world market.

BVVB Cable is structured with copper core PVC insulation jointed flexible wires. B means flat, V means PVC. A BVVB Cable commonly consists of two flexible copper cores and PVC insulation as sheathing.

BVVB Cable is widely used for branch circuit wiring in homes, residential or business buildings. The BVVB Cable is applied for the connection of household, small size motorized tools, instruments of varying meter and power lighting installations under AC rated voltage 300/500V. Therefore, to keep a safe use of BVVB Cable is very important for all of us.

As an experienced wire and cable manufacturer, SSG always concentrates on quality control in the past over half-century.

SSG is an ISO 9001 certified enterprise, all the SSG BVVB Cables comply to 60227 IEC 53 (International), BVVB 300/500v(china) standards. But the BVVB Cable must be used under safety regulations for considering safety. Therefore, you are requested to call in professionals for BVVB cable installations.

If you have any requirement in building wire, and you never try SSG BVVB Cables, you are most welcomed to contact us and come visit our factory.

SSG would like to be your long partner of BVVB Cable and other building wire and cables as well.

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BVVB Cable Manufacturer

medium voltage power cable and high voltage power cable. Our big-scale XLPE cable productivity ensures wire and cable safety and reliable, meanwhile lower the purchasing cost for your customers all over the world. P.S. in 2018, The world’s 500th Maillefer production line is settled in SSG.