Earth Cable

SSG offers earth cable from our stock and tailored fire-resistant cable.

Choosing SSG earth cable for your installations with a cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • 50+ year wire and cable manufacturer
  • Work life long – at least 4oyears
  • Low ground resistance impedance
  • Earth cables capable of withstanding high fault currents
  • Certificates: CE, ROHS, CCC, KEMA and more upon request

Fire Resistant Cable

With our fire-resistant cable, you can have the most competitive priced building wire budget. We can do customized solutions to match your specific electric need.

BVVB Cable

Our low cost BVVB cable helps reduce whole building wire budget. Prompt delivery gives you precise control over project processes.

BVR Cable

Adopting reliable BVR cable to lower the whole building wire budget. It allows your full control installation processes too.

BV Cable

Our BV cable ensure your project installation safety. Moderate price help you control overall building wire cost, quick delivery shortens your lead times.

SSG cable offers full selections of earth cable for building wire market.

Unlike other wire and cable manufactures, SSG put extra emphasis on earth cable work craft and after service.LV Cable Production Base

Earth cable is also known as the ground wire. During an electric malfunction, the built-up excess electricity must be sent to the ground to avoid electrical accidents. Earth cable is used to protect you from electric shock. Earth cable also causes the protective devices (either a circuit breaker or fuse) to switch off the electric current to the circuit when the electricity fault happens.

Earth cable is very necessary for the electricity distribution system. Because the earth cable gives the appliance or an electrical device a safe way to discharge excess electricity, so as to avoid horrible electricity accident.

If earth cable was not installed properly (or without the earth wire) in your electrical system, danger could be possible. If an electrical fault occurs and the live wire becomes loose, the danger is that the next person who uses the appliance could get electrocuted.

Earth cable cables are fitted for installations of power & lighting circuits, fixed wiring in domestic, industrial environments. Earth cable can be mounted on the surface when used in electric circuits or trunking.

If we don’t think about it from a safety point of view, how to choose the earth cable for installations will be meaningless.

Earth cable is usually structured with strands of copper conductor. Commonly the brown color line is live wire for burning the current, neutral-colored blue is for return wire and the earth one is usually colored as green or yellow. The strands of the connector are wrapped by a non-flammable and insulating mica band. This design enables the fire-resistant cable to keep its operating capacity even in the fire condition. Meanwhile, there is a very little amount of smokes generate from the fire-resistant cable itself, meaningless to say spread fires.

So whether large-scale equipment installation or wiring for residential decoration, earth cables are indispensable.

For safety and cost-saving consideration, choosing proper building wire and cable from China is a wise option.

SSG is one of the most experienced building wire manufacturers both in China and the global market. SSG is ISO9001, ISO 14001, GB/T 28001 certified enterprise and all of the cable and wire have been approved by many international recognized organizations worldwide.

You can get a low MOQ earth cable from SSG. Meanwhile, SSG huge producibility will be your strong support for any big order as well. And you will get a life-long service as well.

Let’s work together to forge a safe working condition for you.

You are most welcomed to visit our factory. Save your cost and contact us now.

SSG deeply believes we will be your long-term partner of earth cable and other XLPE cable.

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