Elevator Cable

A reliable elevator cable manufacturer offers a wide selection of flexible cable from stock.

Choose SSG’s elevator cables as your first priority to meet any of your flexible cable installations’ requirements.

  • Lowest operating temperature: -15℃
  • High flexible, flame retardant
  • Conductor: multi strands of superfine copper wire, meet VDE0295CLASS 5 standard
  • Executed Standard:GB5023,6 lEC60227—6、EN50214 upon request

Elevator Cable

Flexible Cable

Whatever it is flexible cable or continuous-flex cables. It is an important usage in low voltage cable sectors. SSG flexible cable provides high-flex and long cycle life.

Pendant Cable

SSG Pendant cable is resistant to sunlight, oil, and water. SSG offers a full range of flexible cable which is suitable for most electrical and industrial applications.

Rubber Cable 0

SSG rubber cable is robust and flexible, all-weather qualified. Find a more flexible and portable cord from us, cost-saving, quick delivery. Necessary qualifications are available upon request.

Flat Crane Cable

Flat crane cable is fitted for frequent motion and flexing in the applications of portable control, spring, and motor-driven reeling or any conveyor systems. Flat crane cables are all weather-resistant in the places of railway stations, crane, hoist, dockyard, and overhead crane systems.

Welding Cable 1

Welding cable in huge selections of size as you want. You can find any size, length, class K welding cable, class M welding cable available in stock. All weather-resisted, safe and reliable. UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, CE qualified.

Elevator Cable 3

SSG elevator cable fulfills the needs of commercial, industrial and residential and military specific elevator cable installations. SSG elevators show high performance in the different installation environments.

SSG cable, a worldwide recognized wire and cable manufacturer in China.

With over 50years of experience in the worldwide cabling market over half a century, SSG has grown to be one of the most competitive elevators traveling cable manufactures.LV Cable Production Base

In the cabling market, the flexible cables are in increasing demand, owing to the rich experience in wire and cable technology, SSG’s superior elevator cable has become the first choice for many customers both in China and overseas market.


Elevator cable is the key link between the elevator car cell and controller. Elevator cable is multi-conductor cables, both function power, and signal information transmitting. The quality of elevator cable is vital to the safety of the elevator system. SSG’s elevator out sheath is a cold-resistant, so the elevator cable can maintain softness and flexibility at – 15 ℃ low temperature

The elevator cable is superior in electrical conductivity and extra flexibility.

Elevator cable has a good bending radius in order to fit the elevator traveling operation.

SSG elevator cables cover different specifications and technical properties.

If you are in need of elevator cable in any flexible cable project, SSG will get your back.

You are warmly welcomed to visit our factory and discover more cooperation opportunities between us.

Contact us now, we are fully confident to be your long-term flexible cable partner in the soon future


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