Fire Resistant Cable

Fire-Resistant Cable

SSG offers fire-resistant cable from our stock and tailored fire-resistant cable.

Choosing SSG fire-resistant cable for your installations with a cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant
  • Rated Voltage: 300 / 500 V
  • Halogen-free and easy to recycle
  • Certificates: CE, ROHS, CCC, KEMA and more upon request
  • Comply to Fire resistant IEC 60331-21, -1, -2 and EN 50200, EN 50362, Flame retardant EN 60332-3-22, halogen-free EN 60754-2, low smoke EN 61034-2

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Fire-resistant cable is a kind of fire-rated cable. Fire-resistant is also known as flame retardant cable. It features zero halogen gases, XLPE insulated, LSZH sheathed, easy and low cost of installations.LV Cable Production Base

Fire-resistant cables are widely used in port, railway system or any indoor, outdoor conditions where power supply safety engineering is required.

If we don’t think about it from a safety point of view, how to choose the fire-resistant cable for installations will be dangerous.

Fire-resistant cable is usually structured with strands of copper conductor, which is wrapped by non-flammable and insulating mica band. This design enables the fire-resistant cable to keep its operating capacity even in the fire condition. Meanwhile, there is a very little amount of smoke generated from the fire-resistant cable itself, meaningless to say spread fires.

Fire-resistant cable is designed and engineered to fit the installation where strict electricity safety is the first priority. In this case, it means all the material and accessories used in the fire-resistant cable must be fire-resistant.

The fire-resistant cable must be able to keep operational in case a fire occurs in the application.

So superior quality fire resistant cables are required for such possible extreme installations.

But there are so many wire and cable manufacturers in the global market. Which one is the best choice for a fire-resistant cable supplier?

SSG is a reliable building wire manufacturer from China. With over half-century experience in cabling R&D, design and manufacturing, SSG has built its esteemed reputation as a highly customer-oriented enterprise across the global market. SSG is ISO9001:2008 qualified enterprise. SSG wire and cable quality have been qualified by many international recognized organizations worldwide.

SSG offers full selections of fire-resistant cable. Our fire-resistant cableS are highly received by different buyer across the world market.

You can find fire resistant cable in ready stock from SSG, meanwhile tailored order available too.

Let SSG fix your cabling problem and help forge a safe working condition for you.

You are most welcomed to visit our factory. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in regard to fire-resistant cable.

SSG deeply believes we will be your long-term partner of fire-resistant cable and other XLPE cable as well.

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