Flexible Cable

Flexible Cable

Whatever it is flexible cable or continuous-flex cables. It is an important usage in low voltage cable sectors. SSG flexible cable provides high-flex and long cycle life.

Rubber Cable 0

SSG rubber cable is robust and flexible, all-weather qualified. Find a more flexible and portable cord from us, cost-saving, quick delivery. Necessary qualifications are available upon request.

Pendant Cable

SSG Pendant cable is resistant to sunlight, oil, and water. SSG offers a full range of flexible cable which is suitable for most electrical and industrial applications.

Flat Crane Cable

Choose a variety of crane cables that offer to power and controlling for hoists, festoons, conveyors, and gantries. Superior crane cable provides constant flexing, reeling, and movement in the crane industry. All-weather resistant in the crane and hoist depot.

Flat Crane Cable

Flat crane cable is fitted for frequent motion and flexing in the applications of portable control, spring, and motor-driven reeling or any conveyor systems. Flat crane cables are all weather-resistant in the places of railway stations, crane, hoist, dockyard, and overhead crane systems.

Welding Cable 1

Welding cable in huge selections of size as you want. You can find any size, length, class K welding cable, class M welding cable available in stock. All weather-resisted, safe and reliable. UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, CE qualified.

Elevator Cable 3

SSG elevator cable fulfills the needs of commercial, industrial and residential and military specific elevator cable installations. SSG elevators show high performance in different installation environments.

LV Cable Production Base

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Multiwire fine drawing machine from Niehoff,Germany

SSG owes several multiwire fine drawing machines from Niehoff, Germany, it ensures our production of multi-core cables for control cables, marine cable, mining cables, flexible cables and other power cables.