A global HV XLPE cable supplier offers a full variety of HV XLPE power cable from our stock and tailored electric cables as well.

Choosing SSG HV XLPE cable for your industrial installations with a cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • HV XLPE cable manufacturer with  ISO9001, ISO 14001, GB/T 28001 qualifications.
  • HV XLPE cable – Rated voltage up to 500kv with high reliability
  • HV XLPE cable – contain high voltage spikes
  • HV XLPE cable – comply with adverse installations

Insulated HV Cable005

Using the toughest and strongest insulated HV cable for your installations. You can have complete control over your high voltage power cable and ensure your high voltage system running smoothly.

HV XLPE Cable 003

HV XLPE cable used for electric power transmission at high voltage. XLPE insulated power cable features of perfect both physical and chemical resistance to severe environments.

Insulated Conductor 002

Choosing a properly insulated conductor helps you to avoid unpredictable risks on high voltage projects. The conductor surrounded by insulation to prevent current leakage or shortcut.

high voltage underground cable 006

High-voltage power cables are vital in a reliable, low cost, easily maintained electricity system. SSG’s high voltage underground cable and other high voltage power cables ensure your electricity distribution safe.

high voltage shielded cable 008

High-quality high voltage shielded cable reduce high-voltage stress and prevents corona from forming on the surface of the cable insulation, thus keep your system safe.

high voltage coaxial cable 007

SSG’s high voltage coaxial cable has been proven safe and reliable in many market electricity distributions. The high voltage coaxial cables are lightweight and endure harsh conditions.

EHV Cable 004

EHV cable, ie UHV cable rated voltage up to 500kv from SSG cable. EHV cable helps you develop an extremely reliable power distribution network and make your investment target more practicable.

XLPE Insulated Cable

Find our full range of XLPE insulated cable includes low voltage power cable, medium voltage power cable, armoured cable, marine cable, mining cable with good price, quick service.

XLPE Power Cable

Our full selection of XLPE power cable including lowe voltage power cable, medium voltage power cable, high voltage power cable, marine cable, mining cable, armoured cable, medium voltage vfd cable with factory prices.

3 core XLPE Cable 183

Full specs of CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables including 3 core XLPE cable, 11kv 3 core XLPE cable, etc. The size of 3 core XLPE cable can be tailored as per your project requirements.

4 core XLPE Cable

600/1000v 4 core XLPE cable, aluminium conductor , XLPE insulated steel wire armoured, 4 core armoured cable, 4 core SWA cable and other underground armoured electric cables for your choices.

Single core XLPE Cable

Single core XLPE cable for voltage 6.6KV up to 11KV. Discover more XLPE cables including single core armoured cable, single core aluminium armoured cable,single core SWA, single core swa cable.

11KV XLPE Cable

BS6622, 11KV XLPE cable, 11kv 3 core XLPE cable, 11kV 3 Core XLPE Cable and more LV armoured cables from SSG with international recognized qualification upon request.


Make use of the real potential of your current medium voltage project by using MV XLPE cable, high-quality XLPE armored cable will make your project different from your competitors.

Armoured XLPE Cable 083

Armoured XLPE cable can be underground armoured cable at most circumstances. Choosing a steel wire armoured cable manufacturer to offer good performance lv armoured cable and MV armoured cable is vital for your projects.

SSG Cable: Your Reliable HV XLPE cable Manufacturer

We, at SSG cable, have been engineering and manufacturing wires and cables in China for over half a century. We are one of the most reputed international wire and cable manufacturers across the world.11kv-xlpe-cable Description

SSG cable possesses the most advanced HV LXP cable production line, sophisticated R&D testing facilities, frontier HV XLPE cable technical knowledge and experience.

You can find us for a variety of HV XLPE cable at excellent quality and incredibly technological innovation.

HV XLPE cable is commonly recognized as an XLPE cable used for electric power transmission at high voltage. Cross-linking the PE to become XLPE, offering greater tensile strength, elongation and impact resistance. Compare to many other electric cables, HV XLPE cable has a superior current rating and longer service life.

In modern electric industrial installations, the demand for high-voltage electricity is increasingly demanded. It requires a more renewable and sustainable energy source and a transmission system.

The most economic and safe way to carry the electric current is to increase the voltage level.

Increasing the voltage level can reduce the short-circuit current of the system, thereby reducing the dynamic and thermal stability cross-section of a conductor, and reducing the consumption of metal materials.

On the other hand, high voltage can reduce electric line loss. High voltage can greatly increase the transmission distance of electric energy.

HV XLPE cable is the right media for large-capacity and long-distance electric energy transmission.

An HV XLPE cable is mainly constructed with conductive able core, a conductor shielding layer, cross-linked polyethylene insulation layer, an insulation shielding layer, metal sheath, metal aluminum sheath, and outer sheath, etc.

SSG offers single-core XLPE cable, 3 core XLPE cable, 4 core XLPE cable and mother multiple core HV XLPE cable as per your requirements.

As long-standing leaders and experts in cable and wire technology in China, we are the strategic partner for many Chain governmental projects, supporting the development and installations of transmission grids. From many aspects of the electric energy distribution system, SSG cable is recognized as a top cable and wire solutions provider.

We know how to deliver electric power across land and marines.

When it comes to the HV XLPE cable product, only the best will do.

You can find the highest stand of safe and unrivaled reliability from our product of HV XLPE cable.

Contact us now and let us work out bright electricity further together.

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