Industrial Cable

A reliable industrial cable supplier offers an extensive variety of industrial cable from our stock.

SSG industrial cable is your first priority to meet any of your industrial installations’ requirement.

  • Industrial Cables – Light, Flame-retardant
  • Industrial Cables – long-lasting flexibility
  • Industrial Cables – Withstand abrasion and corrasions

Medium Voltage Power Cable 003

The medium voltage power cable is one important medium voltage cable. Find us for a different types of mv cables.

MV XLPE Cable Manufacturer AWA

SSG world-class medium voltage cable offers reliable power transmission. Find a variety of MV XLPE cables from3.3kv to 45kv across specifications and standards from SSG wire and cable inventory.

medium voltage underground cable 005

Is your medium voltage cables hold back your business? Our medium voltage underground cable helps you ensure installation safe.

medium voltage VFD cable 004

Do you need qualified medium voltage to realize your equipment with low risk and cost? With our medium voltage VFD cable, you can guard your system safe and reliable.

MV XLPE Cable 001

Do you know the real potential of your current medium voltage project? Using MV XLPE cable, you make your electric installations different from your competitors.

SSG Cable: Your Reliable Industrial Cable Manufacturer

Being an independent and global leader in wire and cable technology, SSG aims to offer foremost cabling solutions to all our customers all across the continents.LV Cable Production Base

SSG has been in the industrial cable market over 40years. SSG possesses stable manufacturing capacity, an experienced technic team, and a strict QC system.

SSG offers a selective range of industrial cables, low voltage cables, medium voltage cables, high voltage cables, and many other special electric cables.

Industrial cables are simply referring to those electric cables used in industrial settings for networking, power transmission, communications exchanging. Industrial cables are usually constructed with copper, aluminum conductors.

Industrial cables are in either single or an assembly of more wires running side by side in bundle or braids. Industrial cables are applied in the tough, demanding installations

In today’s industry construction, all industrial development has been driven largely by technology. And investment volume is significantly more conservative. To get a reasonable return on your industrial investment becomes crucial.

SSG knows your primary concerns is on maximizing your uptime, decreasing your downtime losses, ensuring labor safety, whilst increasing your profit margins. Ensuring the safe use of equipment and devices safety becomes very vital for industrial operations.

SSG is driven to provide superior industrial cable for your projects.

SSG chooses the best cable and wire materials for the manufacturing of every meter industrial cable. All of our industrial cables are approved by different international recognized organizations like CE, UL, and RoHS, etc.

The SSG industry cables are designed and engineered to meet the demanding environment of industrial installations. Our industrial cable performs excellently in extreme temperature installations as well as high voltage applications.

You can find a full variety of industrial cables from SSG cable.

We know your industrial cable requirements better than others with our 40+ years of experience.

We know how to cut your cost during your projection process.

We know how to trouble-shoot during the industrial cable installation.

There are many industrial suppliers in the wire and cabling market.

When it comes to choosing an industrial cable product, only the best will do.

SSG cable is standing out for stable quality, best price, prompt shipment, and 7/24 support.

Contact us now and get full industrial cable solutions.

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Low-voltage cable North Production base 70,000.00 m²

North XLPE cable manufacturing base covers 7,000.00sqm, owns over 20 most advanced XLPE cable production lines. Mainly supply low voltage power cable and building cables. SSG is the No.1 wire and cable manufacturer in China.