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A global wire and cable manufacturer, offering marine coaxial cable from our stock and tailored marine cable as well.

Choosing SSG Marine coaxial cable for your marine cable installations with a cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • Fire-resistant, copper screened
  • Halogen-free and flame retardant
  • High flexibility and superb reliability
  • Comply with MIL-C-17 & IEC60092-3 standards

Marine Grade Cable

Find the way to maximize the value of your marine-grade wire. Discover more marine cable based on your needs. Full marine grade cable qualifications are available upon requested.

Marine Wire 0

Find superior marine wire to upgrade your boat’s wiring system. Full marine cable qualification is available upon required.

Marine VFD Cable 0

Our proven marine VFD cable gives you precise control over electric equipment. On top of this, it helps you receive profitable output of your investment.

Marine Telecom Cable 0

The marine telephone cable allows you enjoy the benefits of high speed, versatile communication.

Marine Power Cable 0

Is the marine power cable safety first priority for you. Our marine cable technology help you control marine installations risks and shorten your project lead time.

Marine Data Cable 0

We provide you with stable quality marine data cable and marine cable solutions. This will guarantee your shipboard installation safety and high reliability.

Marine Coaxial Cable 0

Our marine coaxial cable allows you to utilize a variety of control data safely and reliably in offshore environment.

Marine Control Cable 0

What is the biggest concern while you are choosing marine cables? Our proven marine control cable strengthens your project safety and reliability.

SSG is a leading supplier of custom and stock cables, manufacturers coaxial cable.  Coaxial cables, or RF cables, are typically used to send radio frequency signals. Coaxial cables are often used to send video information to a TV set. As an experienced marine cable manufacturer, SSG offers you high quality marine coaxial cables.LV Cable Production Base

Marine coaxial cable is one type of marine cable which is widely applied in shipboard environments such as broadband CATV, telecommunications, antennae, video, data control, and instrumentation.

SSG marine coaxial cable is structured with inner copper conductor, insulation, shield, outer jacket. The inner conductor can be solid or stranded. The inner conductor is insulated to get it dielectric. the dielectric can be polyurethane or polyethylene, which greatly helps the marine coaxial cable to maintain stable electric properties during working. SSG marine coaxial cable is common with the shield. We usually choose a metallic braid or tape shield to cover the dielectric. The shield and other components that are engineered to reduce the signal loss and block electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference, (RFI).  The outer jacket is the last protection of the marine coaxial cable, which protects the marine coaxial cable from the harsh environment and performs like additional insulation as well.

Marine Coaxial cable has a wide range of applications even in marine environments, you can choose it applied in following fields, but not limits to: Cable Television, Radar, Communication, Radio, Frequency (RF), Instrumentation, Antennae, Data Control, Military, Aerospace, WLAN, Cellular and Wireless, Test and Measurement Equipment, etc.

All of our marine coaxial cables is a shipboard approved coaxial cable. They are manufactured generally to MIL-C-17 & IEC60092-3 standards.

You may rest assured to use the marine coaxial cable in the adverse shipboard or offshore installations.

As a 50+ global wire and cable manufacturer and supplier, SSG aims to provide all code of marine coaxial cable for your different applications. If you have specific marine coaxial cable or coaxial cable in need, please feel free to contact us.

SSG is always ready to assist in the design and engineering of a customized marine coaxial cable for your project.

You are most welcomed to visit our marine coaxial cable factory for further assistance with marine coaxial cables

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