Marine Control Cable

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  • Gauge: 28AWG to 2AWG
  • Impervious to harsh environments
  • Halogen-free and flame retardant
  • Rated Voltage: 150/250V
  • Executive Standard: IEC 61034, IEC 60092-350, IEC 60331, IEC 60092-376 IEC 60332-3-22, IEC 60754-1/2

Marine Grade Cable

SSG marine-grade cable is one of the longest-lasting and most rugged marine cables in the market. UL and full marine-grade wire qualifications are available upon required.

Marine Wire 0

Find superior marine wire to upgrade your boat’s wiring system. Full marine cable qualification is available upon required.

Marine VFD Cable 0

Our proven marine VFD cable gives you precise control over electric equipment. On top of this, it helps you receive profitable output of your investment.

Marine Telecom Cable 0

The marine telephone cable allows you enjoy the benefits of high speed, versatile communication.

Marine Power Cable 0

Is the marine power cable safety first priority for you. Our marine cable technology help you control marine installations risks and shorten your project lead time.

Marine Data Cable 0

We provide you with stable quality marine data cable and marine cable solutions. This will guarantee your shipboard installation safety and high reliability.

Marine Coaxial Cable 0

Our marine coaxial cable allows you to utilize a variety of control data safely and reliably in offshore environment.

Marine Control Cable 0

What is the biggest concern while you are choosing marine cables? Our proven marine control cable strengthens your project safety and reliability.

SSG is a leading wire and cable manufacturer in China and the worldwide market. SSG manufactures different types of the marine control cable.LV Cable Production Base

As one of the biggest and most competitive marine cable manufacturers and suppliers in the marine market, SSG started offering various selections of marine control cables since 50 years ago. SSG produces different types of marine control cable both in stock and tailored orders. SSG marine control cable can be available in various AWG sizes, voltages rating, shielding constructions, and conductors counts. SSG is cable of providing correct marine control cable as per your specific requirements.

Marine Control cable is one type of marine cable used in marine installations like naval vessels, commercial workboats, ocean steamers, and offshore oil platforms, etc. Marine control cables are usually multi-conductor structured. Marine control cables are commonly used in automation and instrumentation applications on vessels. SSG marine control cable is all shielded. The marine control cables are with a foil shield, braid shield, or combination of aforesaid two ways of the shield.


SSG marine control cable is UL rated. All of our marine control cables are foil shielded, or Braid shielded, or shielded with combinations of foresaid two.

In the shipboard installations, you have to consider the flexibility of marine control cable. In the case of that marine control, the cable needs to be flexible or to be flexed continuously, the flexibility of marine control cable becomes vital. SSG marine control cable is designed and manufactured to meet different flexible installing requirements. Meanwhile, the marine control cable can be routed in the shipboard automated process and still function properly.

As a reliable marine cable manufacturer with over 50years experience, SSG always executes a strict quality standard on our marine control cable. All the marine control cables are manufactured according to IEC 60092-376 standard and rating voltage is up to 250V. The marine control cable can still function excellently at the maximum operating temperature of 90℃.

SSG marine control cable meets different internationally recognized standard including ABS,BV,CCS,NK,LR,DNV GL,KR,RS,RINA, etc.

SSG marine control cable plays an important role in the process of assembly lines, automated process and shipboard power distribution.

You will get very low minimum order quantities, prompt delivery, and most competitive factory price as well. If you need to design or customize the marine control cable for your specific shipboard installations, SSG would like to give you our full support.

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In the past decades, SSG aims offering our worldwide customers with superior quality and safest standard marine control cable. Our selected marine cables help you run your equipment at optimum safety level in severe marine conditions.