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A global Marine telephone cable supplier, offering marine telephone cable from our inventory and tailored marine cable as well.

Choosing SSG Marine telephone cable for your marine installations with cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • Gauge: 12AWG – 30AWG
  • Rated Voltage: 30V – 600V
  • Temperature: -75°C/-103°F to +250°C/+482°F
  • Comply to MIL-C-17 & IEC60092-3 standards

Marine Grade Cable

SSG marine-grade cable is one of the longest-lasting and most rugged marine cables in the market. UL and full marine-grade wire qualifications are available upon required.

Marine Wire 0

Find superior marine wire to upgrade your boat’s wiring system. Full marine cable qualification is available upon required.

Marine VFD Cable 0

Our proven marine VFD cable gives you precise control over electric equipment. On top of this, it helps you receive profitable output of your investment.

Marine Power Cable 0

Is the marine power cable safety first priority for you. Our marine cable technology help you control marine installations risks and shorten your project lead time.

We provide you with stable quality marine data cable and marine cable solutions. This will guarantee your shipboard installation safety and high reliability.

Marine Coaxial Cable 0

Our marine coaxial cable allows you to utilize a variety of control data safely and reliably in offshore environment.

Marine Control Cable 0

What is the biggest concern while you are choosing marine cables? Our proven marine control cable strengthens your project safety and reliability.

SSG, is a leading wire and cable manufacturer and supplier, an ISO9901 certified business enterprise from China. Started in 1967, SSG has built a high reputation as a customer-oriented leader in the cable and wire industry.LV Cable Production Base

SSG offers custom and stock for marine telephone cables for communications applications. Both inventory and customized marine telephone cables are available from SSG. SSG marine telephone cable is available with different AWB sized, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions and conductor counts as per your requirements. You can get what marine telephone cable as you want according to your project.

SSG supplies and manufactures marine telephone cables. Marine telephone cable refers to the cable used on naval vessels or offshore platforms, which is for transmitting communication by use of varying frequencies currents. Unlike conventional XLPE cables, telephone cables are used for Marine environmental communications. The normal power cable can be used medium voltage cable, high voltage cable, even UHA cable. Marine telephone cable us is designed and manufactured as low voltage cable and works with low current as well. The typical task of marine telephone cable is to transmit data information, electronic circuits, Ethernet connection and computers networking in the marine working conditions.

Since SSG started R&D in wire and cable technology half-century ago, SSG always aims to offer our valued customer with high-quality marine telephone cables. Since the marine telephone cable quality if vital to the survival of marine working environment, SSG marine telephone cable is designed and manufactured specifically to survive the adverse marine installing conditions.

SSG marine telephone cable is structured with fine copper conductor strands. The marine telephone cable is different from normal conductor stranding. The strands are much finer and every single strand is tinned. With the layer of tin, the tinned copper conductor strand can last up to 10tmires longer than its non-tinned counterpart, and it will have good flexibility too. So the marine telephone cable is more suitable to be used in a moving, vibrating shipboard condition. Meanwhile, the tinned marine telephone cable will have excellent resistance to marine corrosion as well.

Marine telephone cable has a wide range of applications even in marine environments, you can choose it applied in following fields like shipboard wiring, offshore platforms and any other at-sea drilling or production installations.

All of our marine telephone cables is shipboard approved marine able. They are manufactured generally to IEC 60092, DIN 89158, JIS C3410, NEK 606, BS6883, or BS7917 ETC standards.

SSG employs strict production system on every procedure of marine telephone cable production, make sure SSG marine telephone cable to be as resistant as possible.

You may rest assured to choose SSG marine telephone cable in the adverse installations. Our marine telephone cable is designed and manufactured to be resistant to those harsh marine conditions such as acid, oil, alkali, moisture, abrasion, gasoline and flame.

As a 50+ global marine cable supplier, SSG aims to provide all types of marine telephone cable for your applications. If you have specific marine telephone cable or marine cable in need, please feel free to contact us.

SSG is always ready to assist in the design and engineering of a customized marine telephone cable for your project.

You are most welcomed to visit our marine telephone cable factory for further assistance with marine telephone cables

Let’s work together to forge a much safer marine working condition.

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