Medium Voltage Cable

50+ year medium voltage cable manufacturer provides an extensive selection of medium voltage cable.

Choose SSG Medium voltage cable to meet any of your industrial installations’ applications.

  • Medium voltage cable –Flame-retardant
  • Medium voltage cable – long-lasting flexibility
  • Medium voltage cable – Withstand abrasion and corrasions

Medium Voltage Cable

Medium Voltage Power Cable

Working as a medium voltage power cable is one important application of medium voltage cable. Find us for different types of mv cables.

medium voltage underground cable

Are your medium voltage cables hold back your business? Our medium voltage underground cable helps you control your installation safe.

MV XLPE Cable Manufacturer AWA

SSG world-class medium voltage cable offers reliable power transmission. Find a variety of MV XLPE cables from3.3kv to 45kv across specifications and standards from SSG wire and cable inventory.

Industrial Cable 002

If medium voltage cable safety important for you? with our industrial cable, you can achieve a safe and reliable electrical system with limited investment.

medium voltage VFD cable 004

Do you need qualified medium voltage to realize your equipment with low risk and cost? With our medium voltage VFD cable, you can guard your system safe and reliable.

MV XLPE Cable 001

Do you know the real potential of your current medium voltage project? Using MV XLPE cable, you make your installations different from your competitors.

Being a globally independent pioneer in wire and cable technology, SSG strives to offer leading-edge cabling solutions to all our customers across the world.LV Cable Production Base

SSG has started endless endeavors on the R&D, manufacturing of medium voltage cable since 50year ago. SSG is among the top 10 medium voltage cable manufacturers across the world.

With over 3000 employees ready to support your medium voltage cable business, SSG has the biggest medium voltage cable manufacturing capacity in China. Apart from that, SSG possesses an experienced R&D technic team, most advanced production lines, and a complete strict QC management.

SSG, itself, is ISO9001, CQC approved enterprise.

All the medium voltage cable s are qualified by internally recognized 3rd part quality standards such as CE, UL, VDE, ABS, VDE, DNV, BV, RIAN, TUV, LR, NK, KR, GOST, SASO, etc.

You will get superior medium voltage cable s from SSG beyond your expectations.

You can find from us for a wide selection of Medium voltage cables including XLPE Cable, Building Wire, Marine Cable, Offshore Cable, Mining Cable, Armoured Cable, etc.

Medium voltage cable  (LV cable) is used for electrical equipment with rated AC voltage between 50 and 1000V and rated DC voltage between 75 and 1500V, which is not affected by a high electric stress.

The low voltage power cable consists of three parts: core conductor, insulating layer and protective layer. Core conductors are used for carrying current. They are usually constructed with multiple copper wires or multiple aluminum wires.

The medium voltage cable insulating layer was divided into two types: traditional classical paper insulation and XLPE insulation. The low voltage XLPE cable is vastly displacing the paper insulated cable in the market. The low voltage XLPE cable is available in single-core XLPE cable, 3 core XLPE cable and 4 core XLPE cable.

SSG is driven to provide superior Medium voltage cables to meet your requirements.

You can reply to us find a proper medium voltage cable solution for your projects.

Contact us now, and let us see how good we can serve your installations or applications.

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Wire and Cable Heating Cycle Test

The use of the wire and cable in the hot environment and the heating of the cable itself will lead to a decrease in the electrical conductivity of the cable. It is necessary to test the electrical performance for building cables, mining cables, marine cables, low voltage power cable, medium voltage power cable, high voltage power cable etc.