Medium Voltage Power Cable

A global medium voltage power cable supplier offers a full variety of medium voltage power cable from our stock and OEM available.

Choosing SSG Medium voltage power cable for your industrial installations with cost-effective and safe maintenance.

  • Medium Voltage Power Cable – Good electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics
  • Medium Voltage Power Cable – Long-lasting flexibility & Super aging characteristics
  • Medium Voltage Power Cable – can be laid in earth, in the air or in tubes

Medium Voltage Power Cable

medium voltage underground cable

Is your medium voltage cables hold back your business? Our medium voltage underground cable helps you ensure installation safe.

MV XLPE Cable Manufacturer AWA

SSG world-class medium voltage cable offers reliable power transmission. Find a variety of MV XLPE cables from3.3kv to 45kv across specifications and standards from SSG wire and cable inventory.

Medium Voltage Power Cable

The medium voltage power cable is one important medium voltage cable. Find us for a different types of mv cables.

MV XLPE Cable 001

Do you know the real potential of your current medium voltage project? Using MV XLPE cable, you make your electric installations different from your competitors.

medium voltage VFD cable 004

Do you need qualified medium voltage to realize your equipment with low risk and cost? With our medium voltage VFD cable, you can guard your system safe and reliable.

SSG Cable: Your Reliable Medium Voltage Power Cable Manufacturer

We, at SSG cable, are a globally reputed wire and cable manufacturer and supplier. SSG offers full selections of low voltage cables, medium voltage, high voltage cable, special electric cables, Etc., which is highly recognized by the different buyer in different industrial fields worldwide.LV Cable Production Base

SSG strives to offer superior medium voltage power cable to support your business.

With the help of our sales teams and experienced professional R&D teams, SSG cable knows well the medium voltage power cable market trend, knows the advance technical requirement from each industrial region across the world.

SSG always pays great attention to quality control. SSG, itself is ISO9001 2008, CQC certified enterprise.

Our wire and cables are certified by different internally recognized standards including CE, UL, TUV, VDE, ABS, DNV, BV, LR, NK, RIAN, KR, GOST, SASO, etc.

From residential cable to government city cabling project, SSG is experienced in all regions of cabling solutions.

You can find always find our medium voltage power cable in many aspects of the industrial constructions.

you will always get excellent quality medium voltage power cable and superior customer service beyond your expectations.

The medium voltage power cable is within the category of medium voltage cable or mv cable. Medium voltage power cables are used in many aspects of industrial settings. Medium voltage power cables have a voltage of above 1kv up to 100kv. Our medium-voltage power cables are XLPE insulated with aluminum and copper as the conductor. Which makes the medium voltage power cable has excellent chemical resistance, good resistance to extreme temperature. Thus, this type of medium voltage power cable has superb electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics.

With our 50+years cable and wire technology experience, SSG would like to provide any possible technical assistance and advice on any troubles associated with your medium voltage power cable design, installation or applications,

SSG has both standard and custom design medium voltage power cable for your choice.

You will definitely get a cost-effective Medium voltage power cable solutions from SSG.

When it comes to the medium voltage power cable, only the best can do.

Contact us and save your cost now.


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Medium voltage cable South Production base 60,000.00 m²

Medium Voltage power cable manufacturer base cover 100,000.00sqm. Mainly offers a variety of medium voltage power rated voltage of f0.6kV/110Kv, and other wire and cables include XLPE power cable, armoured cable, etc.