medium voltage underground cable

A global medium voltage underground cable supplier offers a full variety of medium voltage underground cable from our stock and tailed electric cables as well.

Choosing SSG Medium voltage underground cable for your industrial installations with a cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • Medium voltage underground cable – Good electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics
  • Medium voltage underground cable – Long-lasting flexibility & Super aging characteristics
  • Medium voltage underground cable – can be laid in earth or in tubes


medium voltage underground cable

Medium Voltage Power Cable

Is your medium voltage cables hold back your business? Our medium voltage underground cable helps you ensure installation safe.

Medium Voltage Power Cable

The medium voltage power cable is one important medium voltage cable. Find us for different types of mv cables.

MV XLPE Cable Manufacturer AWA

SSG world-class medium voltage cable offers reliable power transmission. Find a variety of MV XLPE cables from3.3kv to 45kv across specifications and standards from SSG wire and cable inventory.

MV XLPE Cable 001

Do you know the real potential of your current medium voltage project? Using MV XLPE cable, you make your electric installations different from your competitors.

medium voltage VFD cable 004

Do you need qualified medium voltage to realize your equipment with low risk and cost? With our medium voltage VFD cable, you can guard your system safe and reliable.

Industrial Cable 002

Is medium voltage cable safety important for you? Choosing a reliable industrial cable for your installation is vital.

SSG Cable: Your Reliable Medium voltage underground cable Manufacturer

SSG cable is the premier designer and manufacturer in the wire and cable industry. We provide full ranges of low medium voltage cable with good quality and superior service. Among those electric cables, medium voltage underground cable is increasingly demanded in the market. SSGcable is honored to be one anticipator in it.LV Cable Production Base

SSG has immense experience in supplying medium voltage underground cable since we stepped into the cabling industry over 50 years ago.

Medium voltage underground cable is a kind of electric transmission line used underground.

In modern society, due to the restriction of ground space, more and more medium voltage cable is laid underground. Thus, people don’t need to bear the spider-web-like electric distributions networks in the sky anymore.

Medium voltage underground cable is widely used in electricity networks. In many constructions of cable engineering, the medium voltage underground cables are basically buried directly, through the pipe or cable trench.

In the underground cabling applications, medium voltage underground cables may be wetted for long periods.

The failure of medium voltage underground is always the major concern for the electricity distribution system. Finding fault location and repair of faulty medium voltage underground cable is costly and time-consuming.

So the medium voltage underground cable must have good insulation performance, high chemical stability, rust-free, aging-free and adaptable to the harsh environment.

Simply speaking, a medium voltage underground cable is commonly constructed with copper conductors, armored with XLPE insulated sheath.

To keep medium voltage underground cables perform excellently in those challenge conditions, all the component of the medium voltage underground cable must comply with the internationally recognized quality standard.

The plain circular compacted copper conductor must be up to stand of IEC 228 Cl. 2. The conductor screen should be extruded semi-conductive compound. XLPE insulation must be rated 90 deg. C.

SSGcable employs a strict QC system on the engineering and manufacturing process. We strictly apply the testing procedure for every lot of medium voltage underground production. Any tiny compromise on quality will be severely punished by the market.

With the help of our sales teams and experienced professional teams, SSG is confident to provide high-quality medium voltage underground cables to meet your different electric installations.

With our over 50years experience in the medium voltage underground cable field, we know how to save you from cabling problem and offer proper medium voltage underground cable solutions.

SSG cable offers not standard medium voltage underground cable alone, we can also design and manufacture tailored electric cable as well.

You are most welcomed to contact us for more detailed information about the medium voltage underground cable.

When it comes to medium voltage underground cable, only the best will do.

Contact us and save your cost now.

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