Medium Voltage VFD Cable

A global medium voltage VFD cable supplier offers a full variety of medium voltage VFD cable from our stock and tailed electric cables as well.

Choosing SSG Medium voltage VFD cable for your industrial installations with a cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

  • Medium voltage VFD cable – High EMI protection
  • Medium voltage VFD cable – contain high voltage spikes
  • Medium voltage VFD cable – comply with adverse installations

Medium Voltage VFD Cable

Medium Voltage Power Cable

The medium voltage power cable is one important medium voltage cable. Find us for a different types of mv cables.

medium voltage underground cable

Is your medium voltage cables hold back your business? Our medium voltage underground cable helps you ensure installation safe.

MV XLPE Cable Manufacturer AWA

SSG world-class medium voltage cable offers reliable power transmission. Find a variety of MV XLPE cables from3.3kv to 45kv across specifications and standards from SSG wire and cable inventory.

MV XLPE Cable 001

Do you know the real potential of your current medium voltage project? Using MV XLPE cable, you make your electric installations different from your competitors.

medium voltage VFD cable 004

Do you need qualified medium voltage to realize your equipment with low risk and cost? With our medium voltage VFD cable, you can guard your system safe and reliable.

Industrial Cable 002

Is medium voltage cable safety important for you? Choosing a reliable industrial cable for your installation is vital.

SSG Cable: Your Reliable Medium voltage VFD cable Manufacturer

In order to face the tough challenges in regards to innovative cabling solutions, a wise and experienced cable and wire supplier must be the main priority of consideration. SSG cable is your first and only choice.LV Cable Production Base

Thanks for the complaint of the cost and energy-saving, medium voltage VFD cable is increasingly demanding in the past decades’ year.

SSG cable provides a broad selection of VFD cables( Variable Frequency Drives). Our VFD cable is available in armored or unarmored designs.

You can also get tailored VFD cable products accordingly to your specific requirements.

Our medium voltage VFD voltage cable is specially designed and engineered to provide complete EMI protection and control the frequency of AC drives. Thus, your electric devices will get strong resistance to high voltage spikes, and avoid any possible motor-bearing fluting and premature motor failure in harsh operating environments. Our medium voltage VFD cable use symmetrically insulated ground conductors to contain EMI, which reduces induced voltage imbalances and carry common-mode noise back to the drive.

SSG has been focusing on wire and cabling study over 50year, we know how to make the medium voltage VFD cable with superior electrical performance and reliability.

Using “VFD”s, you will really find one more way of reducing power consumption and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

To fulfill this garget, you must employ high quality and good performing medium voltage VFD cable.

Our medium voltage VFD cable applies high strand count conductor and braid shield designs.

Our medium-voltage VDF cable is much more flexible, easier to install and more resistance to vibrations in the harsh conditions.

SSG cable would like to use both the knowledge and the experience to supply the correct medium voltage VFD cable to your projects.

Contact us and save your cost now.

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Medium voltage cable South Production base 60,000.00 m²

Medium Voltage power cable manufacturer base cover 100,000.00sqm. Mainly offers variety of medium voltage power rated voltage of f0.6kV/110Kv, and other wire and cables include XLPE power cable, armoured cable etc.