Mining Cable

A reliable Mining cable manufacturer offers a wide selection of mining cable, mining power cable, underground mining cables from stock. Choose SSG as your premier mining cable supplier to meet any of your mining cable installations’ requirements.

  • Conductor: bared tinned copper or annealed tinned copper
  • Insulation: premium grade EPR or XLPE
  • Shielding: copper/textile braid; EIS/copper tape
  • Package: Material cut to length and shipped on nonreturnable reels
  • Low smoke, Halogen-free, Flame Retardant

Underground Mining Cable

Find here newest reliable underground mining cable. Using latest mining cable technology ensures your project safe.

GGC Mining Cable

Maximize the value of your mining cable investment. Find more GGC mining cable from SSG depends on your needs.

Type W Mining Cable

Adopt best quality type W mining cable, make your investment return faster and safer. SSG will be your best partner of type w portable power cable for light-to medium mining applications.

Mining Cable 0.3-0.5kV

Rated voltage of 0.3/0.5kv mining cable, used for mining electric drill power connection

G Mining Cable

Solve your G mining cable environment practical issues and void any possible risks caused from failures of mining cable.

Flat Mining Cable

The superior quality flat mining cable can help you avoid mining cable failure. SSG Flat mining cable is the best choice for your industrial and mining installations.

Underground Mining Cable 0.3-0.5kV

The rated voltage is 0.3/0.5kv underground mining cable, which is used for power connection of mining electric drill.

Mining Cable 1.9-3.3kv

Rated voltage of 1.9/3.3kv used as a mining power cable for connecting the portable mining power supply.

Mining Cable 8.7-10kV

Rated voltage of 8.7/10kv. It is used for connection of mine portable transformer equipment. It is complying with the standard of MT818-2009.

Mining Cable 0.66-1.14kV

Rated voltage of 0.66/1.14kv. It is used as mining power cable. It shows good performance for power connection of mobile mining equipment and ground mining cable.

Mining lighting Cable 0.3-0.5kV

Rated voltage of 0.3/0.5kv. It is used as an underground mining cable for lighting and fitted for control the conveying machinery connecting signals and power supply.

Mining Cable 0.38-0.66kV

Rated voltage of 0.38/0.66kv. This trailing cable mining is used as an underground mining cable. It shows high performance for connecting various power sources in the mobile mining environment.

Underground Mining Cable 1.9-3.3kV

Rated voltage of 1.9/3.3kv. It is fitted for the mining power cable. It shows good performance in power supply for connecting coal mining machine and power connection of mining equipment. This type of mining cable has an explosion-proof function.

Mining Cable 1.9-3.3kv

Rated voltage of 1.9/3.3kv and below. It shows high performance for connecting the power supply of coal mining machines and mining equipment. it can be used in the workplace with an explosion risk.

Power Mining Cable 1.9-3.3kV-3

Rated voltage of 1.9/3.3kv. Used as a mining power cable. Safe and reliable for connecting the power supply of coal mining machines and other mining power supply equipment. It can be used in the worksite with explosion risks.
The cable has an explosion-proof function.

Mining lighting Cable 0.3-0.5kV

Rated voltage of 0.38/0.66kV, used as a mining power cable for connecting power supply of coal mining machine (shearer) equipment. Product standard mt818-2009

SSG Cable: Your Reliable Mining Cable Manufacturer

SSG cable, an international cable and wire manufacturer from China. SSG cable has been serving the worldwide cabling market for over 50years.11kv-xlpe-cable Description

Owing to our immense experience in cable and wire technology, SSGcable has Ranked among the first-class cable and wire manufacturers in the global market. Meanwhile, SSG cable is a leading mining cable manufacturer in China and the worldwide market as well.

Mining cable normally refers to underground mining cable, mining power cable,  thesed cable used in mining operations.

Mining cable is a typical low voltage cable. It is armored and commonly recognized as flame retardant cable.

In the mining operations, a durable cable for power equipment is required. Meanwhile, the durable cable must withstand the demanding conditions in the mining installations. Mining cable is the engineered result.

Mining cable is designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh mining environment. The mining cable must make sure to be a safe, durable, reliable and good performance in the mining installations.

In today’s mining industry, all modern mineral exploration has been driven largely by technology.

SSG fully understand your primary concerns is on maximizing your ongoing capacity, reducing downtime losses, labor safety, whilst upgrade your equipment. Ensuring the safe use of equipment and traverse safety become very critical for mining operations.

With over 50years of experience and expertise in wire and cable technology, SSG is driven to offer superior mining cable.

SSG never has compromised on quality control. SSG chooses the best material and electric component to produce our mining cables.

You can rely on us to get superior quality, cost-effective and high reliable mining cable, thus, resulting in lower cost.

You can find a broad line of industrial-grade mining cable and rubber portable cord products for portable power in a variety of general mining installation.

Many mining cable suppliers are competing in the market.

SSGcable is honored to contribute and serve the mining cable market.

When it comes to choosing mining cable, only the best will do. SSGcable is always your first choice for mining cables.

Superior quality, competing for pricing, prompt delivery, and 24/7 expert cabling support.

Contact us now and we are ready to serve your mining operations.

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Medium voltage cable South Production base 60,000.00 m²

Medium Voltage power cable manufacturer base cover 100,000.00sqm. Mainly offers variety of medium voltage power rated voltage of f0.6kV/110Kv, and other wire and cables include XLPE power cable, armoured cable etc.