A reliable medium voltage cable manufacturer offers an extensive variety of MV XLPE cable from our stock.

Choosing SSG MV power cable for your industrial installations with cost-effective solutions

  • 50+ years ISO9001, ISO 14001, GB/T 28001 certified  medium voltage cable suppliers
  • Voltages 6.6 kV up to and including 33kv XLPE cable
  • High performance for wet and dry locations
  • Insulation: Thermoset crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE)
  • Metallic Shield: Soft annealed uncoated copper tape, 5 mil thick, 25% minimum overlap, jacket is rated as Oil Resistance I
  • Different sizes: 8 AWG (6 AWG Aluminum) up to 1000 kcmil. larger conductor sizes available on request

medium voltage underground cable 005

Reliable medium voltage underground cables ensure the reliability of your energy network. Choose high-quality armoured cable to make your project safe and profitable.

medium voltage VFD cable 004

Qualified medium voltage VFD cable helps you reduce EMI/RFI noise, minimize equipment failure risk, offer proper shielding to make your electric system running in any environment.

MV XLPE Cable 001

A leading supplier of medium voltage cables offering you with high-performance XLPE cables ranges including medium voltage cable, medium voltage power cable, armoured cables, marine cables, mining cables for your different installations

Medium Voltage Power Cable 003

Our medium voltage power cable designs range from 2,000 to 35,000 V, manufactured for tough elements and reliable power connection. Find us for more MV power cables.

Industrial Cable 002

Industrial Cable is used in tough, demanding applications. Choosing reliable low voltage power cable, medium voltage power cable from a reliable medium voltage cable manufacturers is vital.

XLPE Insulated Cable

XLPE insulated cables increase the operating temperature range whilst maintaining the electrical properties. Find more armoured cable, low voltage power cable, medium voltage power cable with factory price.

XLPE Power Cable 095

Our XLPE power cable is qualified by CE, UL, CCC, etc standard. Working with 50+ years of experience XLPE cable manufacturer will help keep your electric system running safely and profitable investment returns.

3 core XLPE Cable 093

Full sizes of 3 core XLPE Cable, 3 core armoured cable,3 core steel wire armoured cable, steel tape armoured cable, 3 core SWA cable available from stock or tailored order upon request with the factory 11kv 3 core xlpe cable prices.

Single core XLPE Cable 096

XLPE or Cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable endure the toughest and harshest environment. Single-core XLPE cable can be used at rated voltage 600/1000V and 1900/3300V. Find fore armoured cable, low voltage power cable, medium voltage power cable from us.

4 core XLPE Cable-7

full specs of 4 core armoured cable, armored cable 4 core, 4 sq mm armoured cable, 4 core aluminium, armoured cable, 4 core SWA cable, 4 core SWA, 4 core copper armoured cable with factory XLPE cable prices.

11KV XLPE Cable 178

Most reliable 11kV XLPE cable, 11kv armoured cable, 11kv underground cable, XLPE Insulated Power Cables With Steel Wire Armour (SWA), Copper Tape Screen. Find us for more XLPE power cable and get best 11kv 3 core XLPE cable price.

Armoured XLPE Cable 06

Facing the ever-changing armoured cable market, SSG aims to offer specs armoured XLPE cable, single-core armoured cable, 2 core armored cable, 3 core armoured cable, 4 core armoured cable, 5 core armoured cable, 7 core SWA and 8 core armoured cable with factory prices.

HV XLPE Cable 179

Exploring a full range of XLPE cables of 330kv, 400kv and 500kv HV XLPE cable from us. SSG high voltage cables are available manufactured to DIN VDE 0276-620, BS 6622 and BS 7870 standards upon requstes.

SSG Cable: Your Reliable MV XLPE  Cable Manufacturer

Being a premier medium voltage cable manufacturer and supplier in the wire & cable industry, SSG has been diving in medium voltage cable R&D and manufacture technology over 50years.XLPE Power Cable Description

SSG cable has established a stable and mature medium voltage cable manufacturing system, which complies with equipped with advanced production lines and a strict QC system.

SSG offers a full selection of medium voltage cables for your different industrial settings. Among those, mv XLPE cable is increasingly demanded type from the market.

MV XLPE cable belongs to the category of medium voltage cable or mv cable.

MV XLPE cables are commonly recognized as XLPE insulated medium voltage cables. MV XLPE cables are widely used in the application rages from 1kv up o 100kv.

XLPE, is a form of polyethylene with cross-links, has good resistance to high tension current, chemicals, and other hazardous substances.

The superior mechanical properties of XLPE makes MV XLPE cables stand out from other electric cables.

It also boasts resistance to high voltage electricity, chemicals, and other hazardous materials

MV XLPE cable performs excellently in dielectric strength.

MV XLPE cable has good insulation resistance, moisture resistance, low power dissipation, and improved aging characteristics.

Since the XLPE cable developed in the 1960s, MV XLPE cable, and HV XLPE cable are increasingly applied in the industrial market.

SSG cable is among the MV XLPE cable competitors as well.

SSG offers you a broad selection of XLPE cables including MV XLPE cables.

Our 50+years cable and wire technology experience help us understand your requirements better than others.

You can find reliable MV XLPE from SSG at the best price.

You will definitely get a cost-effective MV XLPE cable solutions from SSG.

SSG knows better than others to help decrease your project cost and increase your output and labor safety.

SSG is ready to cooperate with in the field of MV XLPE cable and other electric cables.

Awaiting your instant contact and sooner cooperation.

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110kV CDCC line Nokia Finland

SSG imported 110kV CDCC line from Nokia Finland. The new CDCC line if mainly for production of wire and cable rated voltage lower then 110KV. SSG owns 13 XLPE cable production line, rubble cable production line and inner technique inspection. With the help of the latest equipment, SSG becomes the largest wire and cable manufacturer in China, products include XLPE cable, low voltage power cable, medium power cable, high voltage power cable, marine cable, mining cable etc.