Nuclear Cable

Special Cable

Chose our reliable special cable, take the advantages of the latest cable technology, make your bid standard out from all your competitors.

Nuclear Cable-4

What if you could keep your costs down, yet still keep your project safe and reliable? With our nuclear cable, it is possible to achieve your goal.

Solar Cable 1

Nowadays you can take advantage of solar energy for your production or life. Excellent solar cable is crucial in the solar technology application.

Wind Cable-4

Wind energy is a new inexhaustible source of energy. Superior wind cable keeps your project running smoothly.

Railway Cable-4

The railway is an indispensable means of transportation in modern life. We offer you the best railway cable for your railway implementation.

Airport Cable 1

While you are taking advantage of the airline convenience and swift, we really enjoy providing the best quality airport cable for your safety.

Submarine Cable

SSG has a complete range of submarine cable. Our professional team and wide experience ensure you get safe and reliable special cable from us.

medium voltage VFD cable 112

SSG owns most advanced special cable production line and in-house cable checker unit. This equipment ensures us to offer you reliable VFD cable.

Metro Cable-1

Nowadays you can take advantage of new means of transportation. Excellent metro cable is crucial in the metro technology application.

LV Cable Production Base

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91-bobbin frame-type strander from Pourtier France

Since multi-core cable is highly demanded in the wire and cable market, SSG invested a lot to imported several sets of 91-bobbin frame-type strander from Pourtier France, which used for conductor stranding. The latest equipment highly boomed our productivity of low voltage power cable, medium voltage power cable, high voltage power cable, marine cables and other special cables.