Offshore Cable

A reliable Offshore cable supplier, offers an extensive variety of Offshore cable from our stock.

Choose SSG Offshore marine cable as your first priority to meet any of your offshore installations’ requirements.

  • Offshore Cables – Superior Fire and Water Resistance
  • Offshore Cables – Excellent Electrical Conductivity
  • Offshore Cables – Low smoke, Halogen-free, Flame Retardant

Offshore Power Cable 0

SSG marine cable covers the full range of offshore power cable. Whatever your project is for ship-wiring and offshore platforms, you can find the most reliable offshore power cable for your purpose of mud-resistant & salt-resistant in the marine environment.

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The toughest offshore cable which is designed to withstand the harshest installations. SSG offshore cable is one of the most reliable marine grade cables available in the wire and cable market. Full marine cable qualifications are available upon request.

SSG Cable: Your Reliable Offshore Cable Manufacturer

SSG cable, an international cable and wire manufacturer from China. SSG cable aims to provide the best offshore cable to the worldwide cabling market.LV Cable Production Base

SSGcable has been in the cable and wire industry since 40year ago. Owing to our immense experience in cable and wire technology.

SSGcable has become the largest off-shore cables manufacturer in China market and a dominant offshore cable supplier worldwide.

In 1858, the first submarine communications cable is laid on the seabed, and the first telecommunication signal was transformed by the submarine cable across stretches of ocean, submarine ocean cable is got familiar by common people more and more.

Submarine cable is an electrical cable that is laid on the seabed, although the term is often extended to encompass cables laid on the bottom of large freshwater bodies of water. Among those include offshore cable, shipboard cables, etc for applying offshore oil platform, vessel and shipping industries.

Offshore cables are usually applied in the environment of moisture, salt, oil, wind, acid, corrosion and extremes of temperature.

In a remote oil/gas platform or ships, all the electrical components and electronics system relies on the effectiveness of devices, which are powered and controlled by offshore cables.

SSG never compromises on quality control. SSG chooses the best material and component to produce our offshore cables.

SSG offshore cables are designed and manufactured for applications of most inhospitable conditions where oil and gas rigs are usually working.  In our internal manufacturing program, we always adopT advanced equipment to maintain offshore cable circuit integrity and the ability to withstand fire damage.

Many offshore suppliers are competing in the market.

SSGcable is honored to contribute and serve the offshore cable market.

As a reliable offshore cable supplier, you are assured to get offshore cables with good quality of waterproof, fire-retardant, low smoke and halogen-free.

Whenever you are in need of offshore cable products, SSGcable is always the first choice.

Superior quality, competing for pricing, prompt delivery, and 24/7 expert cabling support.

Contact us now and let’s work together to boom your business.

Tour SSGcable Manufacturing Capability

Special cable plant area #4 completed in 2018

Special cable No.4 workshop, it covers 1400,000.00 sqm, adopting most advanced wire and cable equipment from Germany and Finland, annually sales avenue over 1.6billion US$. SSG is the largest XLPE cable manufacturer in China. Supplying best special cable includes marine cable, mining cable, nuclear cable, wind cable, offshore cable, rubber cable etc.