Rubber Cable

A reliable rubber cable manufacturer offers a wide selection of flexible cables from stock.

Choose rubber cables as your first priority to meet any of your flexible Cable installations’ requirements.

  • Rubber Cables – Superior Fire and Water Resistance
  • Rubber Cables – Excellent Electrical Conductivity
  • Rubber Cables – Low smoke, Halogen-free, Flame Retardant

Flexible Cable

Whatever it is flexible cable or continuous-flex cables. It is an important usage in low voltage cable sectors. SSG flexible cable provides high-flex and long cycle life.

Rubber Cable 0

SSG rubber cable is robust and flexible, all-weather qualified. Find a more flexible and portable cord from us, cost-saving, quick delivery. Necessary qualifications are available upon request.

Pendant Cable

SSG Pendant cable is resistant to sunlight, oil, and water. SSG offers a full range of flexible cable which is suitable for most electrical and industrial applications.

Crane Cable

Choose a variety of crane cables that offer to power and controlling for hoists, festoons, conveyors, and gantries. Superior crane cable provides constant flexing, reeling, and movement in the crane industry. All-weather resistant in the crane and hoist depot.

Flat Crane Cable

Flat crane cable is fitted for frequent motion and flexing in the applications of portable control, spring, and motor-driven reeling or any conveyor systems. Flat crane cables are all weather-resistant in the places of railway stations, crane, hoist, dockyard, and overhead crane systems.

Welding Cable 1

Welding cable in huge selections of size as you want. You can find any size, length, class K welding cable, class M welding cable available in stock. All weather-resisted, safe and reliable. UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, CE qualified.

Elevator Cable 3

SSG elevator cable fulfills the needs of commercial, industrial and residential and military specific elevator cable installations. SSG elevators show high performance in the different installation environments.


SSG Cable: Your Reliable Rubber Cable Manufacturer

SSG cable, an international cable and wire manufacturer from China. SSG cable has been serving the worldwide cabling market for over 50 years.LV Cable Production Base

Owing to our immense experience in cable and wire technology, SSG has Ranked among the first-class cable and wire manufacturers both in China. Meanwhile, SSG cable is a leading rubber cable manufacturer in China and the worldwide market as well.

Rubber cable is within the scope of low voltage cable. It is flexible and commonly recognized as flame retardant cable.

Rubber cable features of robustness and flexibility, it is ideally fitted for working as a power cable for portable electrical machines and devices. Most of the installations require the rubber cable to be wear-and-tear resistant.

Thus, SSG is committed to using proven material and process to create the most reliable variety of rubber cables to meet your flexible cable installation requirements.


In the closed environment operations, a durable rubber cable for power equipment is vital. Meanwhile, the durable rubber cable must withstand the demanding conditions in a severe environment. SSG rubber cable is the engineered result.

SSG’s rubber cable is designed and engineered to withstand hazardous locations. The rubber cable is super flexible, high-durable, high reliability, and good performance in harsh mining or any industrial installations.

In today’s industry, all modern industrial revolution has been driven largely by technology, and the contractors invested a lot on the projects.

SSG fully understand your primary concerns is on maximizing your ongoing capacity, reducing downtime losses, maintaining labor safety, whilst stimulating your profit. Ensuring safe use of the equipment and work conveniently becomes very critical for the operations.

With over half-century experience and expertise on wire and cable technology, SSG is driven to offer superior rubber cable.

SSG never has compromised on quality control. SSG chooses the best material and electric component to produce our rubber cables.

You can rely on us to get superior quality, cost-effective and high reliable rubber cable, thus, resulting in lower cost.

SSG is honored to contribute and serve the rubber cable market.

When it comes to choosing a rubber cable, only the best will do. SSG is always your first choice for flexible cables.

Superior quality, competing for pricing, prompt delivery, and 24/7 expert cabling support.

Contact us now and we are ready to serve your projects.

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35kV Rubber continuous vulcanization line from Troester Germany

SSG owns 35kV Rubber continuous vulcanization line from Troester Germany. You can find flexible cable, rubber cable, wind cable, mining cable, crane cable, welding cable, elevator cable etc.