Submarine Cable

As one of the most competitive submarine cable companies, offering submarine power cable, HVDC submarine cable, undersea electric cable, XLPE submarine cable, high voltage submarine cable from our stock and tailored submarine marine cable as well.

Choosing SSG as your premier submarine cable manufacturer and our best submarine power cable for your submarine cable installations.

  • Submarine cable MV/AC up to 72.5 kV, HV/AC up to 320 kV, EHV up to 500 kV
  • Submarine cable directly laid in seabed up to 8000m water depth
  • Submarine cable customization design available
  • Unlimited submarine cable length
  • UJ & UQJ certified submarine optic fiber cable
  • Selected submarine cable to reach the specified performance.

Submarine Cable

Submarine Cable 3

SSG has a complete range of submarine cables. SSG submarine power cable and submarine fiber optic cable support transmit tremendous amounts of data across the ocean.

Submarine Power Cable

SSG’s undersea power cable includes MV submarine cable, HVAC submarine cable, HVDC Submarine Power Cables,submarine fiber optic cable, EPIC, and underwater cable jointing kit available too. SSG strives to be the best submarine power cable manufacturer

undersea power cable

i.e. underwater power cable or under sea electrical cable. SSG’s undersea power cable were proven reliable and safe in different underwater installation projects. Choose SSG as your premier submarine power cable manufacturer.

High Voltage Submarine Cable

SSG’s undersea power cable includes MV submarine cable, HVAC submarine cable, HVDC Submarine Power Cables,submarine fiber optic cable, EPIC, and underwater cable jointing kit available too. SSG strives to be the best submarine power cable manufacturer

Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

SSG use the advanced submarine fiber optic cable to make the global network connecting come true. Reliable undersea fiber optic is the footstone for communication infrastructure. Choose us as your reliable submarine cable manufacturer.

Underwater Power Cable

Underwater power cables are increasingly demanded in energy generation. Underwater power cable allows the power grid carrying electric power underwater come true. SSG is one of the reliable submarine power cable manufacturers you can trust on.

underwater cable jointing kit

During your submarine cable installation, flexible and innovative submersible underwater cable jointing kit is a must. SSG’s underwater cable jointing kit is weather-exposed, direct burial or submerged locations fitted.

XLPE submarine cable

SSG’s submarine cables commonly adopt extruded cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) as conductor insulation. The XLPE submarine cable features of reliable operation and maintenance, chemical and electrical stability.

HVDC submarine cable

The submarine power cable be laid on seabed deep to 8000M undersea.
Mass-impregnated insulation can be used for massive HVDC cables up to 525 kV. High voltage submarine cables are always used for long distance underwater power transmission.

Metro Cable 4

Nowadays you can take advantage of new means of transportation. Excellent metro cable is crucial in the metro technology application.

VFD Cable 0

SSG owns most advanced special cable production line and in-house cable checker unit. This equipment ensures us to offer you reliable VFD cable.

Solar Cable 3

Nowadays you can take advantage of solar energy for your production or life. Excellent solar cable is crucial in the solar technology application.

Nuclear Cable-4

What if you could keep your costs down, yet still keep your project safe and reliable? With our nuclear cable, it is possible to achieve your goal.

Special Cable

Chose our reliable special cable, take the advantages of the latest cable technology, make your bid standard out from all your competitors.

Wind Cable-1

Wind energy is a new inexhaustible source of energy. Superior wind cable keeps your project running smoothly.

SSG group is a wire and cable manufacturer that is driving the transformation of cabling industries in China. With a history spanning more than half a century, SSG’s submarine cable division has become one ofsubmarine cable description 2

the leading submarine cable companies in the global submarine cable Market. SSG submarine cable division is associated with the manufacturer of quality submarine cables, submarine power cables, submarine fiber optic cables, offshore cables as well as special cables.

SSG offers different submarine cable design options according to specific project requirements and environmental conditions. You can choose concentric or segmented conductors, XLPE or EPR insulated submarine cable, tope or wire screens and radial metallic water barriers, Etc. Our technology team will be able to do further technique support according to your project monitoring.

Global focus on climate change and security of supply have increased the demand for subsea power cables and different submarine cables.

The deep-water requirements of oil and gas submarine applications have resulted in a strong demand for high-quality submarine cable.

Huge investments are expected from consortia and private enterprises.

Therefore, the existing submarine cable companies in the market are not sufficient for the need of users.

SSG submarine cable division grasps the challenges, and we invested heavily to increase our production to manufacture qualified submarine cables.submarine cable description

IN order to withstand the most severe marine environment, SSG uses proven reliable material and components, most experienced submarine cable expertise, most advanced submarine cabling technology, to make sure we are able to provide the most reliable submarine cable and other marine cable products for our different market customers.

Besides foresaid support, we strictly apply the internationally recognized quality standard, to control every process of the production of the submarine cables. Our submarine cable and other marine cables are approved by ABS, BV, CCS, NK, LR, DNV GL, KR, RS, RINA, etc. different internationally recognized authorities.

Whatever your submarine cable installations to be used in adverse marine conditions like oil, wind, salty corrosions and oil and gas platforms, SSG submarine cable and other marine cable products shall be your first choice.

With all of our submarine cable solutions for the oil and gas producer market backed by value-added services, environmental responsibility and a dedication to customer service, you can count on us for the support, flexibility, and responsiveness you need to succeed in this challenging, evolving market.

Contact us now, cut your cost, make your business outstanding.

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