Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

As one of the most competitive underwater fiber optic cable companies, SSG offers submarine fiber optic cable, ocean fiber optic cable and tailored submarine undersea fiber optic cable as well. Choosing SSG as your premier underwater fiber optic cable manufacturer, and our best subsea fiber optic cable for your submarine installations.

  • Designed for both the repeater and non-repeater system
  • Laid in seabed up to 8000m water depth
  • Undersea fiber optic cable customization design available
  • Unlimited undersea fiber optic cable length
  • UJ & UQJ certified submarine optic fiber cable
  • Over 5000km undersea optical fiber cables were installed worldwide

Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

Ocean Fiber Optic Cable

Ocean fiber optic cable can be directly laid under the sea at 8000m. SSG’s underwater fiber optic cable qualified to withstand the harsh submarine environments.

Subsea Fiber Optic Cable

Modern fiber-optic technology makes subsea fiber optic cable transfer the telecommunications signal at extreme rates. Choose us as your premier underwater fiber optic cable manufacturers.

underwater Fibre Optic Cable

Fiber optic cables under the ocean carry DWDM laser signals at a rate of terabytes per second. Directly laid on the sea bed between land-based stations to carry telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean and sea.

Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

What is the biggest challenge during choosing the submarine fiber optic cables? Our qualified underwater fiber optic cable strengthens the data transfer safely and reliably.

High Voltage Submarine Cable

Our qualified HVDC Submarine power cables with State-of-the-Art technology make SSG among the best submarine cable companies across the world.

Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

Qualified undersea fiber optic cable, especially the fiber optic under ocean allows you to enjoy the benefits of high speed, versatile communication.

Underwater Power Cable supplier

Underwater power cables are highly demanded in the new energy industry. Underwater power cable allows the power grid carrying electric power underwater safely. SSG is one of the reliable submarine cable manufacturers you can trust on.

underwater cable jointing kit

flexible and innovative submersible underwater cable jointing kit plays a key role in the submarine cable installations. our underwater cable jointing kit is weather-exposed and submerged locations applicable.

HVDC submarine cable

Directly laid on seabed deep to 8000KM undersea. High voltage submarine cable up to 525 kV fitted long-distance underwater power transmission.

XLPE submarine cable

XLPE submarine cable
XLPE insulated submarine cable adopts extruded cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). XLPE submarine cable features of reliable operation & maintenance, chemical & electrical stability.

SSG: Your Competent Submarine Cable Manufacturer 

SSG group is a wire and cable manufacturer that aims to strive for the transformation of cabling industries from China.

With a history spanning more than 50year, SSG’s submarine cable division has established itself as one of the most competitive underwater fiber optic cable companies in the submarine cable market.submarine cable description 2

SSG submarine cable division is the synonym of qualified submarine fiber optic cable, ocean fiber optic cable, submarine power cables, underwater fiber optic cables, offshore cables as well as special cables.

Undersea fibre optic cable is also known as ocean fiber optic cable, it is the fibre optic cable under the ocean.

SSG designs and manufactures specific undersea fiber optic cable for telecommunications and oil & gas applications, whilst meeting the marine cable requirements of ruggedness, durability, and length.

Whether the underwater Fiber Optic cables used under seawater, lake or river freshwater, SSG submarine cable and underwater fiber optic cables are highly recognized by submarine contractors across the market.

All of our submarine cable customers can get tailored undersea fiber optic cables according to your specific project requirements and marine environmental conditions. Meanwhile, our rich experience submarine cable support team will be your backup for every as per your project monitoring.submarine cable description

Nowadays, the worldwide deep-water requirements of oil & gas applications increasingly require a strong demand for high-quality undersea fiber optic cable. Meanwhile, worldwide focus on climate change and security of supply boosted the demand for submarine cable and undersea fiber-optic cable as well.

SSG submarine cable division grasps the submarine cable market challenges, and we invested greatly to reinforce our producibility to manufacture qualified submarine fiber optic cables.

IN order to withstand the most severe marine environment, SSG adopts proven material and components, most experienced submarine cable expertise, most flexible and durable submarine cable joints, to offer the most reliable undersea fiber optic cable and other submarine cable products for different customers.

Whatever your undersea fiber optic cable installations to be used in adverse marine conditions like oil, wind, salty corrosions or any underwater fiber optic cable application, SSG undersea cable and other submarine cable products shall be your first choice.

You are welcomed to visit our factory and have a detailed discussion of any possible undersea fiber optic cable project.

Contact us now, cut your cost, make your business more profitable.

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Medium Voltage power cable manufacturer base cover 100,000.00sqm. Mainly offers variety of medium voltage power rated voltage of f0.6kV/110Kv, and other wire and cables include XLPE power cable, armoured cable etc.