Underwater Power Cable

As one of the most competitive submarine cable companies, offering underwater power cable, HVDC submarine cable, undersea electric cable, high voltage submarine cable from our stock and tailored subsea power cable as well.

Choosing SSG as your premier underwater cable manufacturer, our best underwater power cable ensures your subsea power cable installations cost-effective and easily maintained.

  • System voltage: MV/AC U≤33kV, HV/AC – 30kV≤U≤500kV
  • Insulation: Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or TR-XLPE
  • Submarine power cable directly laid in seabed deep to 8000m
  • No limit on submarine power cable & customization design available
  • Submarine power cable qualified by IEC, ICEA and CIGRE standards, etc
  • Selected submarine power cable to reach the specified underwater cable system.
  • 50+year submarine power cable manufacturer qualified by the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 system

Underwater Power Cable

Undersea Electrical Cable

The first concern of using undersea electrical cable is safety and reliability.
Choose SSG as your premier submarine power cable manufacturer so as to make a full control over your marine cable project.

undersea power cable

SSG’s undersea power cable is specifically designed and built for severe service applications. Choose SSG as your premier submarine cable manufacturer.

High Voltage Submarine Cable

SSG adopts State-of-the-Art to produce high voltage submarine cables. The HVDC submarine can withstand the challenging submarine cable conditions, therefore make us among the best submarine cable companies.

Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

SSG’s advanced submarine fiber optic cable connects the underwater communication network. Qualified undersea fiber optic cable makes SSG to be a reliable submarine cable manufacturer.

underwater cable jointing kit

SSG’s underwater cable jointing kit is flexible, all weather-resistant, direct burial fitted or submerged installations applicable

Underwater Power Cable Manufacturer

Our underwater cable features a unique neoprene jacket construction typically fitted for deep underwater applications. SSG is the reliable submarine power cable manufacturers you can trust on.

HVDC submarine cable

HVDC submarine cable interconnecting the islands to the land for long distance power transmission underwater, The underwater power cable voltage can be up to 525kv.

XLPE submarine cable

cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulated XLPE submarine cable is reliable for operation and easy for maintenance. XLPE submarine cable has supper chemical and electric properties.

SSG: Your Competent Underwater Power Cable Manufacturer 

SSG group is one wire and cable manufacturer that is in pursuit of submarine cable transformation in China. With over a half-century of spanning history, SSG’s marine cable division aims to become one of the competitive submarine cable companies both in domestic and abroad market.submarine cable description 2

With a selective line of underwater cable and undersea fiber-optic cable products offerings, SSG is honored to produce the quality underwater power cables, submarine fiber optic cables, offshore cables as well as submarine cable accessories.

The underwater power cables from SSG are designed and engineered with a system voltage of XLPE Insulated AC Medium-voltage Submarine Cable MV/AC U≤33kV; high voltage submarine cable(HVDC submarine cable) HV/AC – 30kV≤U≤500kV.

Over the past decades, SSG’s underwater cable served many market installations like offshore wind farms, the OGP, island connections, lake and river crossing supply grid, etc.

SSG is fully qualified on providing complete underwater cable installations service with our rich-experienced underwater water cable expertise.

Whatever your installation is for challenging interconnection, or export and infield power project, SSG’s underwater cable can fully meet the specific underwater power cable installing requirements.

SSG’s underwater power cable is not only worked as the undersea power cable to transfer electricity under saltwater, but also can work as underwater electrical cable under freshwater of lake or river when electricity is transmitted across a strait, or to an island.

With the rapid development of global communications networks, underwater power cables are highly increased required in the submarine cable market.

SSG submarine cable division grasps the challenges, and we invested both in wiring production and technology research to enhance our expertise and producibility to manufacture qualified underwater power cables.

As one the most competitive submarine cable companies in the global market, SSG is capable of offering underwater power cable, undersea power cable, submarine power cable, undersea electrical cable, but also supply the submarine fiber optic cables (i.e. ocean fiber optic cable) and submarine fiber optic cable accessories e.g J-tube Seal, pull-in head, Bend restrictor, Branch Joint, fiber optic splice kit and any other required undersea cable accessories.submarine cable description

If you are in any of the submarine cable or ocean fiber optic cable related requirements, you can find suitable submarine marine cable products from SSG.

Whether you need underwater power cables to be used in remote marine conditions like oil, wind, salty corrosions and OGP installations, SSG’s underwater cable and undersea power cable products can meet the applications fully.

We deeply believe that the SSG submarine cable division will be a strong partner to all our customers – large or small, domestic or striving to compete and expand globally. No matter where you are no matter how far your projects are, SSG submarine cable division will be one fo your first-chosen underwater cable manufacturers.

Contact us now, cut your cost, make your business outstanding.

Medium voltage cable South Production base 60,000.00 m²

Medium Voltage power cable manufacturer base cover 100,000.00sqm. Mainly offers variety of medium voltage power rated voltage of f0.6kV/110Kv, and other wire and cables include XLPE power cable, armoured cable etc.