XLPE Cable

A 50+ years XLPE Cable manufacturer offers a full range of  XLPE cable, LV cable, MV cable, HV cable and other special cables.

  • Rated voltage: 220V to 500KV
  • ISO9001, ISO 14001, GB/T 28001 certified enterprise
  • Low Voltage XLPE Cable, High Voltage XLPE Cables
  • More than 80 countries and districts markets approved
  • CE, UL, CCC and other certificates upon request
  • Over 620,000.00m² factory and 30,000.oo+ professional workers
  • Complying with varying parameters as  your requirement


XLPE Insulated Cable

Find us for full range of XLPE cable. The XLPC insulated cable possesses high electrical properties and low dielectric constant.

XLPE Power Cable-8

Full range of CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. XLPE power cable can be used as low voltage cable, medium voltage cable, high voltage cable

Single core XLPE Cable

Discover an extensive range of XLPE cable with CE, UL, CCC qualifications. Single-core XLPE cable can be used at rated voltage 600/1000V and 1900/3300V

3 core XLPE Cable

CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. We can customize the size of 3 core XLPE cable as per your project requirments.

4 core XLPE Cable

Full range of CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. Discover high quality 4 core XLPE cable with rated voltage of 1KV

11KV XLPE Cable

CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. By using our 11kV XLPE cables, u can keep your electric system running safely and profitable investment returns.

600V 3 core XLPE Cable slider

How can you easily respond to market changes? High-quality 600V 3 Core XLPE cable will help you run your electric system run safely and reliably.

Choose different low voltage cables whatever it is armoured XLPE cable or unarmoured XLPE cable depends on your project.


Do you know the real potential of your current medium voltage project? Using MV XLPE cable, you make your installations different from your competitors.

33KV XLPE Cable

Don’t let 33KV XLPE cable hold back your business. You can rely on us offer high quality XLPE cable whatever it is used as HV cable, MV cable or LV cable.


Explore a wide range of XLPE cable, from LV cable to massive special cable, we strive to offer first quality HV XLPE cable for you.

Your Competent XLPE Cable Manufacturer

SSG cable, a manufacturer & supplier of XLPE cable in the market, we have been focusing on XLPE cable R&D, manufacturer over 50years.

XLPE cable is also known as cross-linked polyethylene cable. XLPE is commonly abbreviated as PEX, XPE or XLPE.

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Compared to plastic, XLPE has much better performance in regards to insulation. Also, XLPE cable has good electrical properties and a low dielectric loss. If u choose XLPE cable, the cables can work smoothly under most harsh environments.

That is the reason XLPE is highly adopted as insulate in the cable industry, especially in the applications of medium voltage cable and high voltage cable.LV Cable Production Base

Our XLPE cable quality has been qualified by many international recognized organizations worldwide.


XLPE cable has serval advantages compared to PVC insulated cable.

XLPE cable can withstand a maximum working temperature of 90 Centigrade compared to PVC insulate of 70 centigrade.

The XLPE cables permit a higher operating temperature under short-circuit conditions than its equivalent PVC counterpart.

XLPE insulated Cable is more environment-friendly compared with PVC insulated Cable.

To cum up in conclusion, XLPE cables allow higher operating temperatures, regardless of normal load and short circuit conditions, so XLPE cables have higher rated current than their equivalent PVC cables.

Higher voltage is increasingly required from the world market, the XLPE cables are becoming the major type in demand.

SSG cable owns the most advanced chemical crosslinking, silane crosslinking, rubber sulfur crosslinking, irradiation crosslinking production lines.XLPE Cable CERTIFICATIONS

SSG cable has equipped an internal XLPE cable on-line testing instrument and a full set of XLPE cable laboratory management systems in accordance with ISO17025 standard.

The advanced equipment ensures the quality of SSG XLPE is superior to competitors while allowing our XLPE cables to meet any complex wiring requirements in your project.

SSG cable knows cable/wire and knows your requirement on XLPE cables too.

You are most welcomed to contact us for requiring XLPE cables.

A 24/7 online support team will be at your service.

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Your Premier XLPE Cable Manufacturer

SSG, with over 50years of wire and cable manufacturer experience, workshop area over 40,000.00 sq m, over 200 technicians of R&D support team, offers our worldwide valued customers with superior XLPE cable products.

 XLPE Power Cable 

SSG offers you variety options of XLPE cables. These XLPE insulated cable are made from quality material under strict production and quality control system. The cable can be xlpe swa cable, xlpe power cable, xlpe armoured cable etc. based on your needs.