XLPE Insulated Cable

A global leading XLPE insulated cable supplier offers a full variety of XLPE insulated cable from stock and tailored electric cables as well.

SSG XLPE insulated cable is going to be your industrial installations first priority with a cost-effective and safe maintenance solution.

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  • very small Dielectric losses
  • Compact size and light in weight
  • Higher current carrying capacity
  • Good resistance to most chemicals, oils, acids

XLPE Power Cable-6

Full range of CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. XLPE power cable can be used as low voltage cable, medium voltage cable, high voltage cable

XLPE Insulated Cable

Find us for the full range of XLPE cable. The XLPC insulated cable possesses high electrical properties and low dielectric constant.

Single core XLPE Cable

Discover an extensive range of XLPE cable with CE, UL, CCC qualifications. Single-core XLPE cable can be used at rated voltage 600/1000V and 1900/3300V

3 core XLPE Cable

CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. We can customize the size of 3 core XLPE cable as per your project requirments.

4 core XLPE Cable-7

Full range of CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. Discover high quality 4 core XLPE cable with rated voltage of 1kV.

11KV XLPE Cable 180

CE, UL, CCC qualified XLPC cables. By using our 11kV XLPE cables, u can keep your electric system running safely and profitable investment returns.

MV XLPE Cable 2

Do you know the real potential of your current medium voltage project? Using MV XLPE cable, you make your installations different from your competitors. armored XLPE cable or unarmoured XLPE cable depends on your project.

Armoured XLPE Cable 083

How can you easily respond to market changes? With us, u can choose different low voltage cable whatever it is armoured XLPE cable or unarmoured XLPE cable depends on your project.

HV XLPE Cable 2

Explore a wide range of XLPE cable, from LV cable to massive special cable, we strive to offer first quality HV XLPE cable for you.

SSG is a leading manufacturer and supplier of many different types of XLPE cables, including XLPE insulated cable.

XLPE is commonly referring to cross-linked polyethylene or vulcanized polyethylene. As the name suggested, an XLPE Insulated Cable is a type of electric cable that is properly insulated by an XLPE compound. XLPE Insulated Cables are sometimes referred to as PEX cables or XLPE cables.

XLPE is the material most commonly used for electric cables under the rated voltage from 3.8kV up to 33kV.

XLPE insulated cable is stronger resistant to severe working conditions like chemicals, acids, oils.11kv-xlpe-cable Description

XLPE insulated cable has a higher current carrying capacity.

XLPE insulated cable is very small in dielectric losses.

In today’s world, electricity demanding was extremely soared, thus the XLPE insulated CABLE was increasingly demanded as well.

SSG cable is one of the most competent XLPE insulated cable competitors in the worldwide market.

Owing to our advanced XLPE cable production line, sophisticated testing facilities, frontier XLPE cable technical knowledge and 24/7 professional support team, SSG engineers and manufactures the excellent quality XLPE insulated cable at cost-saving price.

We take pride in the engineering and production of superior XLPE insulated cables.

You can find a full range of XLPE insulated cable from SSG cable.

If you need a tailored XLPE insulated cable, it can be available as well.

SSG offers XLPE insulated which is applied in low voltage cable, medium voltage cable, high voltage cable and UHA cable. From single core XLPE insulated cable to 5-core XLPE cable, you can find different specification XLPE Insulated Cable to fit your industrial project requirements.

Since XLPE is Cross-linked Polyethylene, XLPE pow Cables have a higher current rating and longer service life compared to PVC Cables. Under short circuit conditions, the XLPE Insulated Cable can withstand up to 250ºC temperature compared to 160ºC for PVC cables. XLPE Insulated Cable also has a higher overloading capacity under emergency conditions.

The XLPE insulated cable is commonly structured with the following components:

The XLPE Insulated Cable insulation is from XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) rated at 90oC.

Conductor: Plain circular, compacted stranded aluminum or high purity copper conform to IEC 60228 class 2.

The Outer sheath: PVC or LSOH- low smoke halogen-free

Rated Voltage: Low and Medium Voltage

Executive Standard: It is manufacture under GB/T12706-2002 standard (The same as IEC60502).

Armour: Galvanized steel wire or steel tape.

You can get high-quality XLPE insulated cable form SSG since we have the most advanced XLPE cable production line. All the XLPE Insulated Cable from us are excellent quality and superior electric performance.

The XLPE Insulated Cables are widely used in electricity distribution networks and many other industrial sectors.

All of our XLPE Insulated Cable are qualified by internal recognized institutions worldwide.

You rest assured to find up-to-standard XLPE Insulated Cable from SSG cable.

Our XLPE Insulated Cables are complying with the standard of ISO, UL, CE, etc.

SSG sincerely hopes to cooperate with you in the very soon future.

Let’s work together to forge a safe electricity network.xlpe cable good

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North XLPE cable manufacturing base covers 7,000.00sqm, owns over 20 most advanced XLPE cable production lines. Mainly supply low voltage power cable and building cables. SSG is the No.1 wire and cable manufacturer in China.