XLPE power cable manufacturer based in China offers you selections of XLPE power cable, single core armoured cable, 3 core steel wire armoured cables for your options.

  • Applicable with conditions of aerial, indoor, trench, tunnel, and conduit
  • Bear large pulling force and suitable for submarine applications as well
  • Per IEC60502.2-2008, IEC60840-2011, and other international quality standard upon request



XLPE SWA CABLE   – Your Premier Armoured Cable Manufacturer & Suppliers

SSG is one of the top-rated xlpe cable manufacturers in China, we manufacture of a wide array of xlpe insulated power cables. Some of the cables we stock include; XLPE SWA cable, XLPE AWA cable, mining cable, xlpe armoured cable, etc.

SSG manufactures unique XLPE SWA cables with highly selected raw materials. Our cables have the best properties like: high durability, smoke retardant, halogen-free, fire resistance, flexibility, etc.

XLPE SWA cable is available in several cores including single-core, multiple cores which comprise of 2 to 5 cores. All our cables have passed the IEC standards of cable manufacture.

XLPE SWA cable can also be referred to as steel wire armoured cable meaning the armour is made of steel. The armore shield ways can be steel braid or stell tape based on different cable requirements.

Over the decades our XLPE SWA cable has found its applications in power networks, outdoor and indoor applications, cable duct, and even underground power supply.

Compared with other xlpe cable manufacturers in the market, our XLPE SWA cable has shown potential in withstanding high fault current. It is also very easy to implement in your circuit.

XLPE SWA cable is build using a conductor, sheath, insulating material, and armour. The PVC insulation gives our cable a perfect bending angle.

SSG has incorporated an in-build testing lab for checking the quality of our cables before supplying it to our potential customers. We also work with learning institutions in R&D of our cables.

SSG has been supplying cables to various clients in different parts of the world for more than 3 decades now. This means we have the capability to invent and customize new xlpe cables that match your needs.

You can check our portfolio for any xlpe cable type you want. We also have a technical team on standby to help you in selecting the correct cable for your project.

That’s why doing business with SSG pays off!

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Low-voltage cable North Production base 70,000.00 m²

North XLPE cable manufacturing base covers 7,000.00sqm, owns over 20 most advanced XLPE cable production lines. Mainly supply low voltage power cable and building cables. SSG is the No.1 wire and cable manufacturer in China.